2 Reasons Why Your African Dwarf Frog Or African Clawed Is Floating

African Dwarf Frog Or African Clawed Is Floating

If you have an African dwarf frog or African clawed frog, you must have noticed that sometimes they will float at the top of the water. Infact this is regarded as their normal behavior, but when you notice this for the first time, you might be worried and probably think that something is wrong with your pet frogs, especially when they’re trying to submerge and still, they keep floating. So the common question you might ask is ” why is that happening” We will find out soon.

Why is my African dwarf frog and African clawed frog floating? They might be floating because they have alot of air in their lungs and haven’t learned how to exhale yet. Also they float when they’re in sluggish and idle mood.

The case of these species of frogs floating is a normal and regular thing, but it’s not that simple if you’re a complete beginner with no knowledge of frogs and their behaviors.

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If you’re are reading, that means you might be trying to find a reason why your pet frogs seems to be behaving awkwardly like floating.

Some of the reasons why frogs could float on water are:

They’re very young and haven’t learned how to exhale air from their lungs: You will agree with me that the case of frogs floating on the surface of water is mainly for young frogs.

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It is not very common with adult frogs, because they have learned how to exhale excess air from their body and so can’t float uncontrollably and unnecessarily unless they want to.

You can only be able to differentiate if there is excess air in your frog’s lungs or it is just floating because it wants to by checking if it is struggling to stay submerged and keep to balance.

They’re floating because they want to: It’s very normal for these species of frog to stay afloat for sometimes.

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Infact these 2 species of frog are known to do this on a regular basis and they enjoy it alot.

They do this at their idle times inorder to breath air at the surface and also to save the energy which they would have used in swimming about.
So they willingly do this for their own good.

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If they’re willingly doing this, you won’t see them struggling to keep to balance or stay submerged, so you have nothing to worry about if this happens to either your pet African clawed frog or African dwarf frog because it’s just normal.

What to do if African dwarf frog is floating

You might be seeking for a solution on what to do if you notice this awkward behavior from your pet frogs.

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Like I explained above, there is absolutely nothing you can do.
it’s just their normal behavior, and they will learn to exhale air from their lungs as time goes.

Even if they learn to do that, they will still be floating when they want to, especially at night.
So it’s just normal.

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If you’re still not satisfied, then you can have a date with your vet and seek his advice etc.