Signs That A Crayfish Is Dying

The crayfish is a hardy creature and then belongs to the crustacean family. They could be very nice pets to keep in an aquarium, but they are natural hunters and agile always. keeping Crayfish is a fun and easy thing to do, but sometimes problems might start to occur which involve your crayfish showing signs

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Do Crayfish Need A Heater?

Crayfish are one of the least expensive aquarium animals you could easily keep and maintain because they are hardy and are not easily affected by many things. This is to say that crayfish could easily survive in so many conditions that many other aquatic animals could not. The popular question being asked is if these

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Do Crayfish Destroy Plants?

If you are new to keeping crayfish as a pet, you might be surprised to wake up one morning and find out that all the live plants in your aquarium have been destroyed. Many aquatic animals are known to destroy plants. In this article, I will talk about the possibility of crayfish destroying plants. Do

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Do Crayfish get lonely?

The crayfish is one of the hardiest and most Territorial aquarium animals. This means they could withstand so many conditions and situations, and they are also aggressive to many animals and also to themselves sometimes. Although they are kept alone in a tank sometimes, sometimes they tend to display some behaviours that could be interpreted

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Do Crayfish Eat Java Moss?

If you are looking forward to keeping any scavengers in your aquarium, I think crayfish is a good idea. Crayfish is an omnivore and would eat almost anything they could come close to, be it fish food, vegetables and fruits, and even other animals and plants. If you are reading this article, it means you

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Can Crayfish Kill Each Other?

The crayfish is a very aggressive creature. They are the most aggressive in their family, which is crustacea, and they are both agile and hardy too, that’s why they could easily withstand any condition they find themselves in. These creatures are not expensive in any way, but they are so aggressive and territorial that they

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Do Crayfish Kill Molly Fish?

In fish keeping, some animals are naturally not compatible with each other, and some are very comfortable with each other and so make good tank mates. Both Molly and crayfish are nice creatures to keep, but the problem is crayfish are extremely aggressive and could kill any animal they could. The question is will crayfish

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