Can Seahorses Live With Starfish?

Sometimes as fish keepers, we do have the urge or curiosity to try out different experiments such as keeping different aquatic animals together and expecting to see great results. In this article, we are going to discuss the possibility of keeping seahorses with Starfish. Both Starfish and Seahorses are saltwater dwellers and so, let’s see

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Do Seahorses Need A Heater?

Do Seahorses need a heater? This is one of the most asked questions about Seahorses, especially by beginners. It is true that many aquatic animals do need heaters, especially tropical animals. This is because it helps to keep their temperature normal, especially in the winter season. so many people do wonder if Seahorses need it

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Do Eels Eat Seahorses?

Eels and Seahorses are both omnivores. I have heard people argue about the possibility of eels eating Seahorses and I decided to make my private research and update this on this site to enlighten many other people all around the world the if eels could eat Seahorses or if they are compatible with each other

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Why Is My Seahorse Laying On Its Side? (4 possible reasons explained, and solution)

Why is my Seahorse laying on its side? Seahorses laying on their sides is one of the major problems Seahorse keepers face. Many Seahorse keepers have asked this question at one time, especially when they were new to this hobby. To help them, especially those with little or zero knowledge about keeping these particular animals,

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Will Seahorses Eat Worms?

Worms are one of the foods millions of aquarists feed their aquatic animals. Although there are many types of worm out there which is normally fed to water animals such as fish, crustaceans, etc. If you have a Seahorse or you are interested in one, you might be wondering if they could feed on worms

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