3 Reasons Why Your Molly Fish Is Blowing Bubbles

Why Your Molly Fish Is Blowing Bubbles

Mollies are nice aquarium fish, they are livebearing fish, unlike many other aquarium fish that lay eggs. They are very active fish that swims all over the tank, especially at the top and middle. Sometimes, they exhibit some kinds of behaviors that could either get you puzzled or worried, like the blowing of bubbles. Sometimes, Molly fish do blow bubbles, and if you want to know why they do it, then read this article to the end.

Why is my Molly fish blowing bubbles? They blow bubbles when they exhale the air that they breath at the surface.

There are many reasons why fish could breath air and exhale it, thereby making bubbles.

Many fish could do that, for instance, a fish-like Gourami, but when it comes to mollies, they hardly go to the surface just to breath air and return to the water, unless something is wrong, which we will look at in a minute.

Molly doesn’t have the labyrinth organ like the Gouramis, which they use to breath air and exhale in water, thereby making bubbles, so if a Molly fish is making bubbles in the water, then here is why.

Why Your Molly Fish Is Blowing Bubbles

Why Molly Fish Could Make Bubbles

1. Lack of enough Oxygen to breathe:

Although they do make use of gills, they still breathe oxygen just like every other living thing.

To survive, there must be oxygen in the water, for them to breathe and be alright, but when such is lacking, they will have no other option than to surface and breathe air in order to get oxygen.

The air they took at the surface needs to be removed, so they do it inside water, thereby making bubbles with it.

So, if your mollies are making bubbles, it is a sign that they are lacking oxygen, and so, you need to change that particular water and put in place an air stone or an air pump, which will provide enough oxygen for them.

2. Another reason they make bubbles is when they are Stressed.

Many factors could easily cause stress in fish, such as Uneaten foods and excessive excrement, resulting from overfeeding.

All these can cause an unsanitary detritus buildup that makes tank water unhealthy, thereby affecting the animals in it.

One bad thing about dirty and unkempt water is, that it breeds harmful chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, nitrites, etc which torment any living thing in it.

Unsuitable tank mates could also cause stress for them too.

So, that might be why your Molly is making bubbles because it is Stressed.

3. There is a specie of Molly that are known to make bubbles.

This species is known as the Balloon Molly.

If your Molly fish is making bubbles consistently, then there is every chance that what you have is a balloon Molly, and they are known to do that, so it is very normal for them.

These are the possible reasons why your Molly fish might be making bubbles in the water.

Why is my Molly fish blowing bubbles?

Do Mollies Make Bubble Nests?

Molly fish are live-bearing fish, they do not need to make bubble nests because they don’t lay eggs.

There are some aquarium fish that do make bubbles to house their eggs in them, where they will stay till they hatch and produce their fry. A good example of such is the Gouramis.

Molly fish are not one of them because they don’t lay eggs, rather, they bear live fry.

Although they could sometimes make bubbles, it is not for a nest, but for the reasons, I explained above.

How Do I Get Rid of Air Bubbles In My Fish Tank?

Although bubbles in the fish tank are harmless and mean nothing to many people, if you are not okay with them, then here is how you can remove them.

Sometimes bubbles from your fish will cover the glass and other surfaces in your aquarium, luckily, these bubbles will quickly disappear on their own without you having to do anything.

Also, If you want to avoid the bubbles entirely, then heat the freshwater so that it is closer to the temperature of your aquarium before adding it.

Again you can always explode them with your hands.

Note – if such bubbles are made by fish like the Gouramis, you better leave them alone, because they might contain their eggs.

Do Fish Like Bubble Walls?

So many fish like water bubbles, and they swim through them.

It may increase evaporation slightly, and increase any water deposits on the light cover.

If you keep plants, the bubbles increase how quickly CO2 leaves the water, but otherwise go for it!

So some fish like it, and thus, they sometimes make it out of fun, to swim through it.


Molly fish don’t usually make bubbles, but a single specie of Molly does, so if yours Is making them, then the answers above are the reasons they do it.