4 Possible Reasons Why Your Assassin Snails Are Dying

Why Your Assassin Snails Are Dying

Assassin Snails are very useful to all aquarists who keep so many types of Snails in their tanks.

This is because, so many amphibian Snails are hermaphrodites and could multiply on their own without the opposite sex, so, are very likely to turn into pests in your tank, so in order to control their population Biologically, Assassin Snails are needed to eat them.

Assassin Snails are very useful and hard, but sometimes, many people do complain about the high mortality rate of their Snails. If you are in this category, then read this article to the end in order to understand the likely reasons why your assassin Snails might be dying.

Why are my Assassin Snails dying? They may be dying as a result of chemicals like copper in the water or due to diseases.

These Snails are very hardy, which means that they are not easily affected by some slight changes such as temperature pH, etc, so if you are losing them on a regular basis, then there is something wrong.

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If you are very familiar with these types of Snails, you will agree with me that they don’t easily die like many other aquarium snails. So, if yours are dying, then here are the possible causes.

Why Your Assassin Snails Are Dying

Why Assassin Snails May Die

If you are wondering why your assassin snail died or is dying, then here are the possible reasons:

1. They might be dying due to harmful chemicals in their water.

Sometimes, harmful chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, copper, nitrates, etc might develop in the aquarium due to the nature of the water and how dirty it is.

Naturally, some water does have some chemicals in them which when kept with any animals might kill them.

Also how we take care of the tank and water could go a long way to breeding these deadly chemicals in our aquariums.

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Things like poops, urine, dead animals, etc could help to breed or develop these chemicals which are unhealthy for our animals.

So, if your Assassin Snails are dying, especially periodically, then you might have to test your water and if you find any chemicals in it, try to change of water.

Chemicals like copper could kill any snail by weakening its shell, no matter how hardy the snail might seem to be.

So, If you check very we in all our articles, we always recommend having water testing kits around you and checking your water regularly to keep your aquarium animals safe and healthy.

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Again, do a regular change of water, at least once a week, and clean the entire tank, including the substrates at least once In a month or 2.

2. Wrong water parameters:

Another thing that could cause the loss of your aquarium snails is the wrong parameters.

wrong water parameters include wrong pH, water hardness, and temperature.

The ideal water parameters of assassin Snails are:

  • Aquarium pH: 7.0 – 8.0. Some hobbyists suggest a wider range is possible.
  • Temperature: 75 – 80 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hardness: Water should be on the hard side for shell health and growth.
  • Lighting: Wide range acceptable.

When they are in the water with the wrong parameters, they might develop sickness and may die as a result of it.

For instance, you can’t keep them in cold water, knowing that they thrive in warm water and still expect them to survive or thrive.

So if your Assassin Snails are dying, then you might have to check their water parameters and find out if anything is wrong with them.

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If the water temperature is cold, get them a heater, if the water is getting dirty, then change the water and get them a filter and air pump too.

3. Your Snails are being killed and eaten by another tank mate.

On this platform, we don’t suggest keeping aquarium animals together, unless both are very peaceful.

So there is every chance that what is killing your Snails are their aggressive tank mates such as some fish, crabs, Crayfish, etc.

So it is recommended to keep less aggressive animals with them to avoid cannibalism and stress.

4. Old Age: Another thing that could kill your Snail is old age.

Every living thing has its lifespan and will die naturally when its lifespan elapses.

The lifespan of assassin Snails is 2 years, so when it elapses, they might die of old age.

What Happens When An Assassin Snail Dies?

When snails die, their body starts decomposing immediately and will rot entirely, leaving only the shell.

Snail shells are hard and don’t decompose, rather the inner body of the snail will decompose and rot away, while the shell will stay empty and may be inhabited by other animals such as hermit crabs, etc.


These are the possible reasons why your Assassin Snails might be dying.