Are Golden Wonder Killifish Aggressive?

Are Golden wonder Killifish aggressive?

Killifish are nice aquarium fish, they are tropical fish and dwell in freshwater. They are considered very aggressive fish, that’s why many aquarists look away whenever they are mentioned because they could either stress your other fish to death or even attack and kill them directly, and probably eat them. There are many types or species of Killifish, but they all seem aggressive or semi-aggressive, but there is one specie that is not considered to be aggressive, which is the Golden Wonder Killifish. Now the question is, are they also aggressive or semi-aggressive?. We will find out in this article.

Are Golden Wonder Killifish aggressive? Golden Wonder Killifish are not as aggressive as other killifish, but they could attack and kill smaller fish.

Golden Wonder Killifish is loved by many aquarium hobbyists, mainly because they are a very colorful and quiet type of fish.

They are very gentle, and they rarely disturb other fish but could be very deadly to smaller fish, especially baby fish.

Naturally, all fish are omnivores, because they could eat anything eatable, including meat, etc.

So, they will even eat fish fry, once they could fit in their mouth, so the case of Golden Wonder Killifish is not different from this.

The only difference is, that they will purposely go for the smaller fish and eat them, avoiding getting into a direct power tussle with any big fish, or at least fish of their size.

So, Golden Wonders are semi-aggressive, and not entirely Peacefully, hence they can harm other fish.

Being one of the biggest species of Killifish, although very slow in growth, they could reach up to 4-5 inches in size, thereby becoming a real threat to much smaller fish that may get in contact with them.

So, in the conclusion, Golden Wonder Killifish are not very peaceful, because they are semi-aggressive.

Will Golden Wonder Killifish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, they are semi-aggressive and will hunt and eat smaller animals they could come in contact with, including smaller fish.

So, they do eat other fish, especially baby fish ( fry).

Are Golden Wonder Killifish Fin Nippers?

No, they don’t nip at fins because they rarely attack big fish, but smaller fish, which they could easily swallow.

Although other killifish are very aggressive and could fight almost any fish they are with, so they could easily nip at other fish fins, but not Golden Wonder Killifish because they don’t usually fight other fish, but eat only tiny ones.