Are Porcupine Fish Friendly?

Are Porcupine Fish Friendly

Fish are interesting creatures to keep in the home or office aquariums.

There are countless fish and their various species, each with their behaviors and nature. Some are very active and lively, some are shy and some are friendly, etc.

In this article, you will learn if Porcupine Pufferfish are friendly or not.

Porcupine Puffer is a marine fish that belongs to the wider family of Pufferfish. They are big and active fish, although nocturnal.

They are nice and peaceful fish, at least to some extent, which makes them a perfect fish for a saltwater community tank.

Are Porcupine Fish Friendly?

Porcupine fish also known as Porcupine Puffer is a friendly saltwater aquarium fish.

One of the reasons why many people dream of keeping these fish is that they are nice pets and very friendly to both other fish and especially to their feeders.

Apart from being funny, they can also be shy but are very bold and lively when they see their feeders.

One of the funny behaviors they exhibit when they see their feeder is going to the surface, drinking some water, and spitting it on the person that’s coming to feed them ( their regular feeder).

They sometimes allow the person that feeds them regularly to pat them on the head and they always get excited when their feeder approaches.

This means that they could recognize people and becomes friendly with them once they are familiar with the person.

So, the Porcupine Pufferfish is one of the most friendly fish anyone can keep in the aquarium.

Are Porcupine Puffer Fish Hard To Take Care Of?

Porcupine fish are very friendly fish and are very easy to care for too. This is because they are not fragile and don’t die so easily, and they eat almost anything other fish could eat.

Just like every other fish, they are omnivores and scavengers too, meaning that they could eat both meat and plants, flakes, and many more, so it is not hard to get their food.

Despite that they are not hard to keep and maintain, they could pollute their water, so investing in water filters, water testing kits, and changing their water from time to time is very necessary.