Can 2 Dwarf Angelfish Live Together? ( Can Angel Fish Live Together?)

Can 2 Dwarf Angelfish Live Together?

I have read a lot of questions from so many people asking if they could keep Dwarf Angelfish together and how many they could be able to keep per tank. If you are very familiar with Dwarf Angel Fish, you will know that they are very aggressive and intolerant of each other. The truth is, people hardly know what to do when it comes to keeping them together because of their temperament. If you are one of those asking this type of question, then this article is for you, I suggest you read it all.

Can 2 Dwarf Angelfish live together? Dwarf Angelfish can live together in a large tank but there will still be issues of minor aggression.

Aggression is one of the things that makes some aquatic animals unsuitable for each other and Dwarf Angelfish are one of those.

There are many species of Dwarf Angelfish, but the most aggressive is the lemon peel, Potter’s, flame, multicolor and half black.

These are very intolerant of each other and could hardly be kept together even with their kind.

Although some could tolerate each other to some extent, there must be aggression and bullying in their tank, and that’s why many people shy away from having anything to do with them because they don’t only bully each other, but other fish that might be unfortunate to share the same tank with them.

I have read threads and blogs advising to get them into their tank at once and avoid adding new fish to their tank, well, that works but a little.

The truth is, these fish are not friendly and they do not like being even with their own, so getting them in a tank together won’t stop their aggression, although it might minimize it but will not stop it.

The only way they could at least live together with minimal aggression is to keep only 2 or 3 in a tank which comprises 2 females and a male.

This is because the females could at least tolerate each other more than the males.

So, 2 Dwarf Angel Fish can live together in a tank.

Do Dwarf Angelfish Get Along?

No, Dwarf Angelfish doesn’t get along very well because they are aggressive and hostile to each other.

They are lone fish and do love to live alone without even their kind, try keeping them together and they will start fighting and claiming territories.

Although they could manage to get along if only one male and female are kept together, but if more than one male is in the tank, they will turn the tank into a battleground.

Can You Have Two Angelish Together?

Yes, you can keep two Angel Fish or more together if they are the less aggressive type.

We all know Angelfish as aggressive and territorial fish, but some species are less aggressive than the others like the Silver Angelfish.

These less aggressive types could be able to tolerate each other, so they could be kept together in a tank without having any issues with each other.

Are Angelfish Better Alone Or In Pair?

Some types of Angelfish are not very aggressive and could tolerate each other, but to some extent, this is because they love living with their kind, but they could live alone and still be alright too.

To answer the question correctly, Angelfish could live in groups or they could live alone, the fact is, they don’t really care much if they are alone or with their kind because they could survive all on their own, unlike those schooling types like the Danios, etc.

What Tank Size Do I Need For 2 Angelfish?

An Angel Fish could grow up to 18 inches in size and they are aggressive too, they will need a 55gallon tank and above to live very comfortably.

The fact is, the more aggressive a fish is the more space it will need, so the very aggressive types such as the dwarf angelfish will need nothing less than 75 gallons for 2 of them, so that they could have enough space to at least stay out of each other way, thereby reducing their level of aggression.