Can Aquarium Heater Explode? (some questions about the aquarium heater)

Can Aquarium Heater Explode

There are many questions from people about aquarium heaters, some of them are, can aquarium Heaters explode? is the aquarium heater dangerous? can it electrocute fish? etc.

The aquarium heater is an electronic device that is used to warm Aquarium water so that the water will be suitable for tropical Aquarium fish and other Aquarium animals too.

Being an electronic device that makes use of electricity, many people are a bit skeptical about it citing their fears as some of those I listed above.

Although this electronic device is very compulsory for Aquarists, in fact, every Aquarist must have 2 or more of it so that your animals won’t be left to their fate when your heater breaks down, maybe in the middle of the night, but this device is not without faults which we will look into in a minute.

As I explained, this device is very compulsory, but it is not without faults, and some of the faults or questions people ask about it are:

Can Aquarium Heaters Explode?

Aquarium Heaters can explode if it becomes faulty or if water enters inside them.

As I explained in this article, there is no man-made device that is not without a fault and so, this device could explode or start sparking if something goes wrong.

Apart from water entering inside it, another thing that may cause it to explode is a faulty electric current, constant plugging in and unplugging and plugging it when it is not inside water.

All these are some of the factors that could make an aquarium heater explode and it could be very dangerous for your fish and other animals, that’s why it is advisable to take precautions as I explained above, and also buy more than one quality heater, just in case one disappoint at the wrong time.

So, an aquarium heater could explode because of the reasons I mentioned above, so take precautions and buy an original too.

Can Aquarium Heater Electrocute

Knowing that the Aquarium heater makes use of electricity, people often ask if it could electrocute fish and other aquarium animals.

The fish tank heater cannot electrocute fish and other Aquarium animals unless it is leaking electric current because it is faulty.

I mean, how can something which is designed to help aquatic animals kill them?

The only way it could kill them is if it is faulty, maybe the wire is leaking electric current and it is touching the water and water being an electric conductor will transmit the electric current, thereby making the water very dangerous for any living thing in it.

This is why many consider heaters to be dangerous, well indeed it is, but it is not always, as it is very rare for such fault to occur which could endanger the lives of your aquatic animals.

Can The Cord Of An Aquarium Heater Be In The Water?

Yes, if the heater is submersible, then part of the cord will be inside the water and it is very okay.

Being an electronic device, many people are very afraid of the possibility of having their aquatic animals electrocuted by an aquarium heater or its wire or cord.

The fact is, it is possible but it is not very common and so, it is what you don’t see every day, so you can have your heater’s cord in the water and it will be there for years without having any issue or being faulty in any way.

The truth is like I said, heaters don’t easily get a fault, but they could anyway, so if your heater is the submersible type, then the cord or at least part of the cord must be in the water and it is very normal and your animals are safe unless the cord is faulty which is not very common.