Can Baby Mystery Snails Reproduce?

Can Baby mystery snail reproduce?

Do you know that Mystery Snails are one of the biggest aquarium snails? Little wonder why they grow so fast, I mean alot faster than many aquarium snails out there. Judging by the way they grow, one may begin to ask if their babies do lay egg. Lol, sounds funny anyway, but this is a real question people ask. But don’t worry, I gat your back.

Do baby Mystery Snails Reproduce? Baby Mystery Snails do take a year to mature and fully grow in size, for them to mate and reproduce.

To answer the question, there is no how a baby of any animal could be able to reproduce, unless they grow and reach maturity stage.

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So asking if baby mystery snails could be able to reproduce, I mean when they are still at their infant stage is astonishing and impossible.

Although they grow very fast, at least faster than many aquarium snail, but it doesn’t mean they do start producing babies when they are still babies themselves.

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It is a very astonishing question, but people do ask it any way.

How long does it take for Mystery Snails to fully Grow?

You might also be interested to know how long mystery snails take to fully grow and reach maturity stage.

Mystery snails do take about a year to grow. This is from the day they hatch to mature and be able to mate and lay eggs.

This specie of water snail is popular for it’s lager size and quick growth.

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They make a very fantastic aquarium snail and is loved by many people.

Although they are edible, they are fast in growth.

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That’s why many aquarists prefer to raise them for business and also as pets.


I hope this article is able to help by answering your questions.

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