Can Crayfish Live With Plecos?

Can Crayfish Live With Plecos

Crayfish and pleco fish are both inexpensive aquarium animals and easy to care for too. They are fine in an aquarium, but have you wondered if these two could coexist in a tank? Well, we all know that every animal has some specific animals they get along with. If you want to know if these two aquarium animals could be able to coexist together peacefully, then read this article to the end.

Can Crayfish live with Pleco? Crayfish are very aggressive, and both Pleco and Crayfish are bottom feeders, this made them incompatible to share a tank. Crayfish will kill pleco fish if they live together.

The worst advice anybody can give you is to keep an aggressive animal that is a bottom dweller with other bottom dwellers, both will end up killing each other if they are not properly monitored.

This is just exactly like the case of keeping a Pleco fish with a crayfish.

Both are bottom feeders and crayfish are aggressive and a scavenger will end up hurting or even eating the pleco fish.

Nowadays, many people could say a lot of things, including LFS to sell their animals, but doing private research is the key to being successful in fishkeeping.

The worst is that many people are on social media giving wrong information, for instance keeping these two creatures together, but the reality is, Plecos are big fish, I mean many species could grow up to 7 inches or even more, so this may delay your crayfish from attacking, but trust me, the crayfish will attack the fish as time goes.

This is a fact gotten from experience, so it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when so crayfish will start pinching the fish one day and this could lead to diseases and sickness which could kill the fish as time goes.

Don’t let anybody advise you or convince you to get two of them because they ain’t compatible and don’t get along peacefully.

Can Crayfish live with Plecos?

So, keeping them together is a huge risk that you don’t wish to take.

Apart from the crayfish hurting the pleco fish, the fish could also eat your crayfish at its weakest moment, that’s when it molts.

Again, the fish will end up eating the crayfish fry if they happen to stay in one tank, so this is also a huge risk on both sides.

So, If you ask me, I won’t advise such a thing because it is way riskier than the purpose of keeping them together.

If you want to have both, then get a different tank for the Plecos or buy a tank separator and separate them.

Separating them is the only feasible way to achieve a peaceful tank while keeping them in the same tank.

Can Dwarf Crayfish Live With Pleco?

If you want to know if dwarf crayfish could live with Plecos peacefully, then check below.

Can Dwarf Crayfish live with pleco? Crayfish of all types are aggressive, so dwarf crayfish can’t live with Pleco. They will be aggressive to the fish and might start attacking them.

Although dwarf crayfish is one of the less aggressive crayfish, this doesn’t make them peaceful creatures.

Despite their size, they are still scavengers like any other crayfish and will attack any animal they could and will even eat them if they eventually kill them

So, no type of crayfish is compatible with Pleco fish because they will always attack the fish if they get the chance to.

What Animals Can Live With Crayfish?

To help you more, if you are looking for more suitable animals to keep with crayfish, they are:

  • Zebra Danios.
  • Giant Danios.
  • Hatchet fish.
  • Furcata rainbow fish. etc.

The suitable tank mates for crayfish are all those animals that don’t dwell at the bottom so crayfish won’t get to them.

What Can Live With Pleco Fish?

If you want to know what you could possibly keep with Plecos or their suitable tank mates, here they are:

  • Mollies.
  • Platies.
  • Gouramis.
  • Goldfish.
  • Angelfish.
  • Barbs.
  • Bettas etc.


Many shops say a lot of things, please make your own research to avoid regrets.

All aquarium creatures should be comfortable and so should be kept with compatible mates and not where they won’t be comfortable or even be eaten due to acts of aggression.

So, crayfish and Pleco Fish are not in any way suitable to be kept in a tank unless the tank is divided.