Can Crayfish Live Without Air Pump?

Can Crayfish Live Without Air Pump

A question was asked in one of the fishkeeping forums I am a member of. The question was ‘ can Crayfish survive without an air pump?’ So I made some research and decided to make a post about it, to help answer the question based on my research.

Can Crayfish survive without an air pump? Yes, although air pumps do aerate their tanks, once they have enough oxygen, they won’t be needing an air pump to breathe properly.

One of the easiest aquarium animals to care for is crayfish. They are so easy to care for, as they don’t require much, unlike so many other aquatic animals.

Can Crayfish Live Without  Air Pump

There are many types of equipment aquarium animals need in their tank to survive.

Some they can do without and some they can’t do without.

So, when it comes to crayfish needing an air pump in their tanks, Yes it is quite important for them and many aquarium pets, but the fact is, they can still do without an air pump in some cases.

If you ask me what I think about getting an air pump out of the crayfish tank, well, I won’t advise doing such a thing because they will definitely need it later if they don’t need it presently, so get an air pump for your crayfish and keep just in case.

Back to the question, yes Crayfish can survive without an air pump because they sometimes don’t even need it.

The fact is, crayfish breathe oxygen with their gills, so, their gills should be at least moist to function properly, so, they don’t breathe underwater.

But one funny thing Is, that they can still drown.

What I mean to say is, that they can drown in water if they lack enough oxygen down at the bottom of the water to breathe because they consume a lot of oxygen.

They can easily drown when they lack enough air at the bottom of the water, so, that’s why it is very important to place some islands in their tanks so, that they could at least surface sometimes.

So you see? an air pump is very necessary for your crayfish tank, but they can still survive without it sometimes.

If you ask me, I would tell you, although an air pump is extremely necessary, but they can still do without it sometimes. So, Crayfish can survive without an air pump.

Although, they can survive without an air pump if you know what to do. Now I will tell you how to keep your tank so that your crayfish will not be needing an air pump, even if they will need it, it will be just for backup.

To arrange your tank so that they will not need an air pump, place some islands in their tanks.

Islands are where they will periodically come out to collect air and rest.

Keep their tanks planted so that the plants will be aerating the water.

Lastly, measure the amount of water you place in their tanks.

The amount of water in their tanks should be only 3-4 inches or a bit more above them.

The sense behind this is, that oxygen could be hard to get to the bottom of a tank with a big amount of water.

With little water, they could easily come to the surface to breath air, and again the bottom of the tank will have enough oxygen too.

So, with these tips above, I don’t think they will have problems with oxygen nor will they die.

So, Do Crayfish Really Need Air Pump?

An air pump is mainly for aerating a fish tank so that enough air and oxygen could circulate the tank and water.

Do crayfish need an air pump? Crayfish, just like every other aquarium animal need an air pump to get enough oxygen to breathe.

Although they seriously need it, it doesn’t mean they can’t survive without it.

In fact with the tips I gave above, your Crayfish will be very fine with or without it.

Can Crayfish Survive Without Filter?

Yes, crayfish can survive without a filter.

A filter is just a device that filters the water and tank, so, any animal could live without it.