Can Fiddler Crabs Live With Betta Fish?

Both Betta fish and fiddler crab are fine and gentle animals to have in the aquarium, but the question here is, can I keep both of them together in the same tank? I have seen this question repeatedly on forums and on social. In this article, we will learn if it is possible to
keep Betta fish and fiddler crab in a tank.

Can fiddler crab live with Betta fish? No, fiddler crab is a brackish water dweller, while Betta fish is a freshwater dweller, so they can’t live together.

I know it might be enticing and attractive to have both Betta fish and fiddler crab in one tank, but it won’t work, from every indication.

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Their nature is not the same. What I mean to say is ” fiddler crab doesn’t live in freshwater and won’t last in it for a long time, while Betta fish doesn’t live in brackish water and will die if exposed to it, so their natural habitat is very different and so, they can’t coexist in one tank, or one of them will have to die.

Also, even if it’s possible to keep both of them together, there is every possibility that the fiddler crab will kill and eat the fish.

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You might say Betta fish is both bigger and faster than fiddler crab, but the fact is, it will eventually get your Betta fish, especially when it is asleep.

Crabs are opportunist feeders and will feed on anything it could be able to kill if it have to.

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Again both fiddler crabs and Betta fish are bottom dwellers, thus making it easier for the fiddler crab to grab it, especially when it’s asleep.

Although you might say, Betta fish are bigger and faster than fiddler crabs, but being a bottom dweller gives the crab a chance to get him.


From every indications, it’s not possible to keep a freshwater animals with brackish water animal in one tank.

Even if it’s possible, they will harm each other.