Can Goby Eat Flakes? (what do goby eat?)

Can Goby Fish Eat Flakes

As a fish keeper, you must have heard of Goby fish. These are very funny fish, and that’s why many people love them. They are mainly saltwater fish, but only a few species are freshwater dwellers. They come in many colors, and they look very colorful, and shiny in the aquarium. In this article, you will learn if they could eat flakes or not, and what they could eat.

Can Goby eat flakes? Goby fish could eat any food, including flakes, pellets, vegetables, frozen Mysis, and even live foods such as brine shrimps, Copepods, Larvae, worms, crickets, and even insects.

Goby fish are saltwater fish, and some species are freshwater fish, just like every other fish, they will eat anything that could fit in their mouth unless that particular fish is not okay.

Generally, fish are scavengers that will eat anything eatable, for the fact it could fit into their mouth.

Despite being able to eat almost anything edible, not all foods are very healthy for them anyway.

In the wild, all fish will eat almost anything that gets close to them, without minding, including a tiny piece of wood, leaves, insects, and other dead animals, including other fish, etc.

In captivity, their diet is limited, as they can’t be able to eat anything ( rubbish) as they do in the wild, as they are normally being fed industrial foods like flakes, pellets, etc, and other foods that are healthy too.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many species of goby fish, and we will look at them individually, and what they could eat.

Do Diamond Gobies Eat Flakes?

Diamond Gobies do eat flakes and pellets, but they are not a great fan of it.

Diamond goby is a specie of goby, just like every other fish, they could eat anything.

Although they are classified as carnivores because they seem to prefer live foods to artificial foods like flakes and pellets, nevertheless, they will eat anything, including flakes, especially when they are hungry, so they could eat flakes and pellets.

What Do Sand Goby Eat?

Sand Goby, just like other Gobies are classified as carnivores fish, they prefer eating live animals ( meat) to artificial foods, so they will eat shrimps, blood worms, crickets, insects, Copepods, pellets, flakes, and snails.

The fact is, sand Goby and Gobies, in general, will eat anything that could fit in their mouth, including smaller animals such as small fish, and other things too.

So, they could eat anything, although they might not seem to like artificial foods, they will eat them anyway, because they are voracious eaters.

What Do Freshwater Gobies Eat?

As I mentioned above, some Gobies are freshwater, though they are small in population compared to Saltwater Gobies.

What do Freshwater Gobies eat? Freshwater Gobies will eat anything including Shrimp, Worms, Copepods, Mosquito larvae, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Vegetables, artificial foods like flakes, and pellets.

Both saltwater and freshwater Gobies are carnivores, although they are considered omnivores by many people based on the fact that they don’t eat only meat, they also take vegetables and plants if they are hungry.

So, they could eat everything other fish could eat, but they don’t seem to like anything except meat, but they eat anything anyway.

So, you can feed your freshwater goby anything you feed other fish and see what they like most and what they don’t.

Do Gobies Eat Pods?

Yes, every fish could eat Copepods, including Gobies.

Gobies ate obsessed with live foods, and will eat any meat that they come across, so, Copepod is one of their best meals.

Do Goby Fish Eat Snails?

They will eat snails if they are hungry, but normally, they don’t like eating snails, especially Diamond Gobies.

As I mentioned above, they are scavengers like other fish and would eat anything eatable, especially when they are starving.

So, they will eat Snails if they are left with no option, but normally, they won’t.

Although many people assume they can’t, just because they haven’t seen theirs do it, that’s because they don’t just like Snails, I have seen a hungry Goby eat a Snail.

Do Goby Fish Eat Other Fish?

Gobies are carnivores because they could eat other animals, including smaller fish and fish fry and eggs.

They could eat other fish, but smaller ones, especially those that could easily fit into their mouth.

Again they will go for fish fry and eggs if they happen to see one around them.

How Often Do Gobies Eat?

Just like other fish, Gobies are voracious eaters too, who would eat many things, and would continue to feed non-stop, for the fact they always have foods. To avoid overfeeding, Gobies should be fed once or twice a day.

When I say twice a day, I mean feeding them with the quantity they could be able to finish in about 2-5 minutes, to avoid overfeeding and having many leftover foods in the tank, which will later rot and make the water unsafe.

What Do I Feed My Goby?

If you are looking for what to feed your Goby, first, know that they prefer meat to artificial fish foods like flakes and pellets, so feed them more meat-like Daphnia, live brine shrimps, insects, crickets, grasshoppers, snails if they will like it, blood worms, Copepods, cyclops, pellets, flakes, vegetables.

There are many other things they could be able to eat and even enjoy eating, but sometimes it depends on the type of Goby you have.


Goby fish will eat flakes and many other things, so find out the ones your fish enjoy most and feed them to them.