Can Goby live with Betta fish? ( List of Freshwater Goby that can live with Betta fish)

Can Goby live with Betta fish?

The truth is, almost every fish keeper enjoys keeping different fish, and maybe other different animals together, but the big issue is, is the fish you want to keep together compatible with each other?. Many people have thought about keeping Goby fish and Betta fish together, but the issue is, can both coexist in the same tank? well, you will find out very soon in this article.

Can Goby live with Betta fish? Although the majority of Goby fish are saltwater dwellers, and Betta fish are freshwater dwellers, some species of Gobyfish lives in freshwater, they could be kept with Betta fish.

Many people don’t even know that there are some Goby fish that lives in freshwater. Ask many aquarists about goby fish, and they will tell you that they dwell in saltwater, well, that is true, but few of them are found in freshwater, so they could be kept with Betta fish.

Normally, there is no how a saltwater animal could be made to live with a freshwater animal, it’s impossible, so if your goby is among the saltwater dwelling type, then am sorry, you can’t keep them with Betta fish because it is impossible to do that.

But if your goby is any of the Freshwater dwelling types such as any of these I will list below, then you can easily keep them together and control the issue of aggression.

List of Freshwater Goby Fish

Can Goby live with Betta fish?

Neon Goby

Dragon Goby

Marbled Sleeper Goby

Bumblebee Goby

Desert Goby

Knight Goby

White-Cheek Goby

Algae Goby

Peacock Gudgeon.

If you have any of these types of Goby, then you can successfully keep them together with Betta fish because they can live in the same water type and eat almost the same food since they are all omnivores.

How To Keep Freshwater Goby Fish And Betta Fish Together

1. Get a very large tank, depending on the number of these fish you want to keep.

Both Goby and Bettas are naturally aggressive and territorial, especially Betta fish, so, for them to live happily, they need a big tank, which will contain all of them with enough space for them to swim around, thereby reducing aggression and allowing them to stay out of each other’s way.

This is highly recommended because a small tank size contributes to fish aggression.

2. Make sure your tank is heavily planted, and with many hiding places such as caves, substrates, etc, so that they will be busy with those things, thereby getting less concerned about each other.

Again this will make them see where to hide in case one starts chasing the other etc, so keeping some hiding places in your fish tank helps.

3. You might have to buy a tank divider, in case one of the fish starts getting very mad at the other.

When this happens, the best strategy is to divide the tank and keep each of them at their end, for peace to reign.

4. Feed them each at their territories for they not to trespass on each other’s territory in search of food, which could cause a great fight and unnecessary aggression.


Not all Goby fish could live with Bettas because the majority are saltwater dwellers, and Betta fish can’t tolerate salt, so it’s impossible to live with them, but those freshwater species, although few, but they could tolerate Bettas with good care as I explained above.

Again before keeping them together, first of all, check if the water parameters are almost the same or very different because I won’t advise you to keep two fish with different water parameters together, despite being freshwater or Saltwater fish.