Can Guppies And Danios Live Together?

Can Guppies and Danios Live Together?

Both Danios and Guppies are very nice freshwater aquarium fish to keep. Sometimes it’s necessary to spice up the level of attraction of our aquariums by keeping different types of fish in one aquarium. Although it’s fun and interesting, the question is, are the different fish you want to have suitable for each other? If you are thinking of keeping both Danios and Guppies in one tank, then you might be seeking to know if both are compatible with each other and could be able to Peacefully, and share a tank. This article will answer your questions.

Can Guppies and Danios live together? Yes, Guppies and Danios are peaceful fish and share the same features, hence they could comfortably share a tank.

These 2 fish have almost the same characteristics, little wonder they do make good tank mates.

Both are freshwater dwellers and tropical too, so they need a water temperature of 60-80°F, so if you are keeping them, getting them a heater is a must!.

Again their required pH level is almost the same 6.8-7.5.

They are both hardy fish and could easily tolerate any water condition, including water hardiness, but not much of it anyway.

They prefer water that is free from alkaline, nitrate, chlorine, ammonia, and salt.

From the above, you can see that both of them could easily stay very comfortably in one tank.

So they could live in a single tank because their temperature, diet, and water requirements are the same or almost the same, but if you ask me, I won’t honestly recommend keeping Danios and Guppies in a tank unless you buy a tank separator for them.

Although both are not aggressive, as you won’t have any issue of aggression or fighting if you keep them together, the only problem they have is the issue of food.

Danio fish are naturally way faster than the guppies in swimming, so they will normally grab the foods meant for both of them, thereby starving the guppy.

Although they eat the same food, but food could be a real problem because the Danios won’t allow the guppies to eat any because they are fast and also eat like pigs.

So, if you still want to keep both of them together, then you must have a tank separator or find a way to feed the guppies separately.

Some people do advise bringing out the guppies and feeding them in different tanks, but I don’t advise such, as fish of all types are easily stressed, so doing so will only stress and make them unhealthy, so get them a tank separator.

Again both guppies and Danios are schooling fish, so they love to live in a group with their kind.

Although both could stay together, they will still need their kind to be happy and become more active.

Another problem with keeping Guppies and Danios together is that both fish don’t care about their offspring, as they do cannibalize on them.

Danios are not livebearers because they do lay eggs, but guppies are.

Danios will feed on her eggs while guppies will feed on her fry, and when kept together, they will help themselves to each other’s babies.

So, if you want to have their babies, then you must relocate them to another tank once they are hatched or born to avoid losing them to their parents.

Also having the tank planted and having caves in their tank will help keep some of them alive, as they will hide in those things and stay away from their parents.

So, in my conclusion, both can happily share a tank if you can be able to deal with the above problems properly.

Can Danios and Guppies Breed?

Danios and guppies are great tank mates to keep, only if you could avert the little problems they could have, but the question is, can both of them breed?

Can Danios and guppies breed? No, Danios and Guppies are two different fish, and can not breed.

You may have seen how both of them live comfortably with each other and want to know if they could mate.

Well, the answer is no! They can’t and will never breed because they are different fish, despite sharing the same features.

Can Zebra Danios live with Guppies

Also, you may be interested to know if zebra danios could get along with guppies.

Can Zebra Danios live with guppies? Yes, They are both peaceful and have the same requirements, so they could get along very fine.

They are suitable tank mates, but the only issue they will have is that the guppies being livebearers will always overpopulate the tank with their fry.

The guppies reproduce very rapidly and will get the tank overstocked in a short while if their population is not controlled, and Danios won’t match up to that reproduction velocity.

Also, zebra danios too are faster than guppies and may tend to overshadow them in terms of feeding.

So zebra danios and guppies could easily get along.