Can Guppies Breed With Endlers?

Endlerfish and Guppyfish share many things in common, both their ways of living, temperaments, and many other things, that’s why many people refer to Endlers as guppies. Sharing almost all the features of guppies, they are believed to mate with guppies and breed together. The question is, can they?

Can Guppies breed with Endlers? Yes, guppies and Endlers could breed and have offspring that are a hybrid of the 2 fish.

Endlers are believed to be guppy fish and that is true, judging by how both fish behaves.

Guppies are livebearers while Endlers are too, and both are peaceful and could eat the same food, and with the same temperature, etc.

Again their sizes are the same, both on the male and on the female side.

So, having the same characteristics they are the same fish, and so could easily mate and breed.

They may differ a bit, but all the same, they are one fish, but with different names.

The truth is, in so many fish stores, many of the Endlers being sold are hybrid of guppies and Endlers.

One problem is that Endlers are now regarded as endangered species because they are very rare to see, I mean pure Endlers not a hybrid of guppies and Endlers.

Endlers and Guppies will easily mate when you keep the opposite sex of each of them in a tank.

They will mate and have fry, but sometimes there is a serious problem because the fry when fully grown, some of them could end up being sterile.

So, what is the need for having a fish that couldn’t have babies?

Although, they could be sterile, but in some cases, they will not be, and when matured, they might end up having babies which are still hybrids of both fish.

Crossbreeding the 2 fish is prohibited by many fish keepers because Endlers are going into extinction and to save them from being swallowed up by hybrids, many fish keepers and pet shops keep off from crossbreeding both.


Guppies and Endlers will crossbreed if they are put together in a tank and the offspring will look like both and share both of their parent’s characteristics.