Can Hawkfish Be Kept Together?

Can Hawkfish live together?

Hawkfish are nice saltwater fish to keep in the aquarium because they are active and semi-aggressive, but they are great community tank fish and are beginner-friendly too. There are many types of Hawkfish, some are very small and could attain a growth of only 1.5 inches and some are large and could attain a growth of up to 24 inches in size. Being a great fit for the community tank, you may be wondering if they could live with each other, if you want to know if they could be kept together, then this article is for you.

Can Hawkfish be kept together? Yes, Hawkfish can be kept together and different species of Hawkfish can be kept together too but they need a large tank.

There are many species and types of Hawkfish and they vary in size but one of the things they have in common is they are semi-aggressive and some could be territorial too.

On this platform, we normally advise against keeping two or more aggressive animals together, but when it comes to Hawkfish, they are not fully aggressive, unless their living condition is poor.

They live very fine in a community tank and they are not fully aggressive and hardly disturb other fish but they could defend themselves if the need arises.

Being fit for a community tank, they don’t normally disturb each other no matter the specie or other fish in the tank unless they are not comfortable in such tank, maybe as a result of being kept in a small tank.

These are nice and hardy fish and they tolerate each other no matter the specie, but I won’t advise keeping smaller species with larger species like the Giant Hawkfish because they are more carnivores than herbivores and could eat any animal that could fit in their mouths, including their kind too.

Can Two Different Species Of Hawkfish Be Kept Together?

Yes, Hawkfish don’t normally disturb each other and other fish when they are comfortable and have enough to eat.

As I explained above, different species of these fish could be kept together but I strongly advise against keeping smaller species with the giant types to avoid cannibalism because the big ones will eat the tiny ones once they could fit in their mouths.

So, keep the smaller species together, the medium species together, etc.

With this, you can keep 2 or more 2 Hawkfish together without having any issues or many issues.

Again make sure they are in a spacious tank because they don’t like living in a tiny space because it affects their temperaments and growth. In fact, no fish likes it either.


Hawkfish although could be aggressive but they tolerate each other very well, especially those of the same size without minding their species.