Can killifish Live With Shrimp?

Can Killifish Live With shrimps?

Killifish are active and colorful fish, they are nice and interesting fish to keep in the aquarium, although they are carnivores. Shrimps are in the family of crustaceans. If you are reading this article, that means you are seeking to know if killifish and Shrimps could be able to dwell in the same tank. This article will help you with that.

Can Killifish live with shrimp? Killifish could live with Shrimp if the right specie is kept with shrimp, as many species of killifish will eat any Shrimp that comes their way.

Shrimps are kind of weak and helpless animal, as it is the weakest in the crustaceans family, so keeping them with a carnivorous fish like the killifish would be suicidal unless the right specie is involved.

On the other hand, killifish being an aggressor, and could eat almost anything that enters their mouth are very dangerous for shrimp.

Although both of them could live comfortably in the same water condition and also thrive in the same environment, and eat identical foods, without keeping the right killifish, then the Shrimp is dead.

When I say, they could live together and peacefully, what I mean is, some species of both killifish and shrimp, for instance, an adult dwarf shrimp and lampeye killifish could live comfortably.

So, therefore, it’s very important and necessary that you make proper research to know the various suitable tank mates for your aquatic pets to avoid making some silly mistakes.

Will Least Killifish Eat Shrimp?

Least Killifish is one of the smallest and most peaceful specie of killifish, if you want to have them with shrimp, then you might want to know if they would be suitable tank mates, or if the least will eat the Shrimp.

Will least killifish eat shrimp? No, the Least killifish is peaceful and small to kill and eat a Shrimp, but it could eat anything that enters its mouth, and so, would only eat the shrimp’s fry.

This specie of killifish are so peaceful and nice to keep, and they make good tank mates with so many other Aquatic animals.

So, if you are thinking of keeping these two animals together, then you might have to consider the least killifish and dwarf shrimps because they are compatible with each other.

Although they are compatible, but the shrimp’s babies are at risk because they could easily be eaten by the fish if they get close to it.

Will Clown Killifish Eat Shrimp?

If you are thinking of some peaceful and smaller species of killifish, then clown killis is another option for you.

Will clown Killifish eat shrimp? Clown Killifish are too small and peaceful to eat an adult shrimp, but they don’t spare the shrimp’s eggs and fry.

As I mentioned, when it comes to adult or big shrimp, this specie of killifish is harmless, but when kept with baby Shrimps, then they could pose a great threat to them.

Clown Killifish is a suitable tank mate for Shrimp, but you have to watch out for the shrimp’s eggs and fry.

Do Golden Killifish Eat Shrimp?

The golden Killifish or golden wonder is a specie of killifish, although I won’t say they are peaceful, and not that small too. The question is, are they an option for Shrimps?

Do Golden Killifish eat shrimp? Yes, golden wonders are carnivores and will eat anything that could fit in their mouth, including shrimps.

Although they could eat anything that could fit in their mouth, including some species of Shrimp, especially the tiny species like the dwarf shrimp, etc, if they could be kept with bigger Shrimp, they will be okay with them.

Apart from being able to eat only smaller species of shrimp, even if they are kept with bigger shrimps, the shrimp’s babies or fry are at risk of getting killed and eaten.

So even if you want to keep this specie of killifish with some species of shrimps which they will be okay with, you have to find a way to preserve the fry for them not to be eaten by the golden wonder.


If you ask me, I would say, the idea of keeping any specie of killifish and any specie of shrimp is like 50/50, as problems must occur, either from them or their offspring.

So if you still want to go ahead, then find a way to keep the shrimp’s fry safe.