Can Molly Fish Live In Tap Water?

Can Molly fish live in tap water?

Molly fish is one of the freshwater aquarium fish, they are very colorful and hardy too. They are very active fish, and could be tolerant too, and could be able to tolerate some levels of salt, that’s why many people think they are saltwater fish. There is a very popular argument about the possibility of Mollies living in tap water or not. In this article, you will learn if they can or they can not.

Can Molly fish live in tap water? Yes, Molly fish can live in tap water, but the water must be hard, and not soft.

Mollies are very hardy fish, meaning that they are very tolerant, and could easily adapt and survive in many kinds of environments and water conditions too.

They can survive in any type of water, including tap water, but the only problem is, that the tap water must be hard, as they don’t thrive in soft water.

Their ideal water hardiness is 15–30 dkH, so unless the tap water has this level of hardiness, but if not, then they can’t thrive in it.

If you want to get this type of fish, and you are planning to keep them in tap water, well, it’s normal, so you can go on, but first, you must test the water and find out if it doesn’t contain some Chemicals and toxins, because many tap waters do.

So, if the water is free from copper, chlorine, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, etc, then, the next step is to check the hardiness, and if it is soft, don’t worry, you can still make it hard.

To make the water become hard add crushed corals to the tank’s substrate to increase the hardness.

Is Tap Water Safe For Fish?

Tap water is safe for fish if there are no harmful chemicals in it.

Tap water is okay for fish, but one problem is, that it usually has toxins in it, so, unless those toxins are neutralized, it is not safe for fish and other aquarium animals.