Can Oscar Fish Live With Parrotfish? ( 4 Tips To Keep Them Together)

Can Oscar fish live with Parrott fish?

Keeping a mixture of fish and other different aquatic animals in a tank is what many aquarists do because it is both exciting and entertaining too, but some animals can’t be kept in one tank, no matter what. In this article, you will learn if Oscar fish and Parrott fish are suitable tank mates.

Can Oscar fish live with Parrotfish? No, both Parrotfish and Oscar fish are very aggressive and territorial, they will fight themselves if they are kept together.

It is not advisable to keep two aggressive fish or any other aquatic animals together in one tank, because they won’t have total peace, and may end up killing each other, so it’s not recommended, but still, yet, you can manage to house both fish in the same tank if you follow my tips.

I would only ask you to follow the tips I will give below, only if you are comfortable with it, but if you ain’t, then, you must buy 2 different tanks for the 2 fish.

Some of the tips to successfully house Parrott fish and Oscar together

Can Oscar fish live with Parrott fish?

1. Get a big tank: The first step to keeping both of these fish together in one tank is to get a very large aquarium.

Normally, the recommended tank size for one Oscar fish is 75gallons, and the recommended tank size for one Parrotfish is 55 gallons.

Tank size matters a lot because it affects the overall health and aggression level of fish and other animals, so getting a big tank is one step to curtailing their aggression.

Again, they will have more rooms to stay on their lane and get out of each other’s way, because both are very aggressive and territorial, so they will have to establish their territories without having the other trespass.

2. Have the tank planted and put in place many hiding places.

The second most important thing to do to keep two aggressive, and territorial aquatic animals is to have your tank heavily planted, and with many hiding places such as live plants, substrates, gravels, caves, pipes, etc.

When all these hiding places are in place, both fish will be busy exploring, thereby keeping themselves busy, and won’t have the time to be trespassing on each other’s territory or even fight each other.

3. Use a tank divider to separate the two fish.

This is the safest method if you want to keep any two aggressive aquatic animals together, because once both animals can contact each other physically, then, there is no how they will be attacking each other.

So, get a very big tank, and divide it for them, so that they will be on their own, but in the same tank.

4. Feed them separately in their territories.

One of the things that lead to attacks, bullies, and fights in any tank is because of food.

Both Oscar and Parrotfish are territorial, aggressive, omnivores, and big too, so they could eat the same type of food, and to prevent fights, you should give them their foods in their different territories.

These are the few ways you could use to keep both aggressive fish in the same tank.

If you ask me, I will tell you to get a large tank or up to 150 gallons, then divide it with a tank divider, then keep both fish apart from each other, and you will have everlasting peace in your tank.

What Fish Can Live With Parrot Fish?

To help you more. If you are not very okay to keep Oscar with Parrotfish, then, here are some of the suitable tank mates for Parrotfish.


Mid-sized Tetras.


Angelfish, etc.

What Fish Can Live With Oscar Fish

Green Terror Cichlid. …

Silver Dollars. …

Jaguar Cichlid. …

Cichlasoma. …

Plecostomus. …

Firemouth Cichlid, etc.


Although it’s not generally recommended to keep two aggressive fish like The Parrotfish and Oscar fish together, but with the tips above, you can successfully do that without having any issues or no issue at all.