Can Pearl Gourami Live Alone?

Pearl gournami is a very gentle specie of fish in the Gouramis family. They’re the most gentle and non aggressive gouramis and could make suitable tank mate to various number of fish and other aquarium animals etc. But the question here is can they live alone? We know that Pearl Gouramis are social and sometimes shy fish, so this brought about the question, if they can really stay alone and be totally fine.

Can Pearl gournami live alone? Yes, they can live alone. Although they are social fish and are much more better when they stay in groups.

Pearl Gourami are very social and gentle fish, although sometimes the males tend to become territorial, especially against tbeir fellow males.

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This is the sole reason many people don’t like keeping the male Pearl gournami in one tank, as they might start fighting themselves.

Although the male Pearl Gourami might fight among themselves, but they are not aggressive to other fish and don’t seems to mind them at all.

Pearl Gouramis can live alone and be okay, but what is the essence of keeping only one fish in a tank?

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This specie of Gourami doesn’t show their full characters when they’re all alone in a tank.

They tend to display them when they’re in groups.

For instance, keeping a male and female or females will make the male to display red flush on his throat.

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Although they are social animals, but they will always be aggressive to each other if there are more than 1 male in the tank.

One male 2 or 3 females are okay to keep, to avoid aggression.

Do Pearl Gournamis Need to be in Pairs?

Like I mentioned before, Pearl gournami are social fish, but they can live alone, so the question is, do they need to be in Pairs.

Do Pearl gournami need to be in Pairs? Yes, Pearl gournami are social fish and need to be with it’s own kind. They tend to display some of their natural behaviors which they normally hide when they live alone.

They’re very lovely and playful fish to keep.

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Infact it’s very fun watching them in their tank display some of their behaviors.

So keeping only one in a tank is not very interesting and fun.

Gouramis need to live in groups because they are more lively and active in groups, but the male ones are not suitable to be in groups because they display alot of aggression on each other.


Pearl Gouramis can live alone and be fine. But you won’t enjoy having only one in a tank because it will be boring to watch.

So get them 75-100 gallon tank and put as many as possible.