Can Platy Fish Live Alone?

Can Platy Fish Live Alone?

Platy fish is one of the less expensive fish to keep in the aquarium because they are very easy and cheap to get and maintain too. If you are very interested in keeping such type of fish in your aquarium, you might want to know the possibility of keeping just one of these fish in a tank all alone without its kind. We all know that platies love living in groups of 5 or more, so can a platyfish live alone? In this article, your question will be answered!.

Can Platyfish live alone? Although platies are social fish that loves to live in groups, they can still live alone individually.

Yes, it’s a known fact that Platyfish enjoy the company of others, especially their kind, that’s why you could easily see them in groups of 5 or 6 fish of their kind.

Despite that, they could live on their own if the requirements are put in place.

This is to say, this fish can not feel very bored or bothered once it is properly fed and has so many interesting explorations in the tank.

So, if you want to have a single platyfish in your fish tank, all you need to do is to get enough tank size. The recommended tank size for a single Platyfish should not be less than 10 gallons.

So, get a sizable tank that is enough for the fish, and could give it more rooms to explore, then feed it properly, have the tank planted, and put in place things like ases, pipes, etc where it will always explore.

Again they could go well with many other less aggressive fish.

So, find the compatible fish and get them in the same tank and your platy will be totally okay.

Without proper care and maybe other tank mates that are not Platy, your Platy being a social and group fish might feel bored, which could lead to stress.

When stressed, it could lead to serious health issues, which might result in death or even aggression, etc.

So, keeping a single Platyfish is very possible with proper care, but it could be very catastrophic without proper care, as you will end up losing your pet fish in the process.

Although it could live one, but I won’t recommend that.

Even if you don’t want them to expand in population, why not get 2 male platies or keep a platy with other suitable tank mates?.

By this, it won’t have to be depressed anymore and would be lively because it could now play and move about with other suitable fish.

Nevertheless, this type of fish only do extremely well with its type.

Do Platies Need To Be In Groups?

Platies are considered schooling fish because of the way they stick with each other in a group of 5 or 6.

They seem to enjoy being together with their kind and playing about, so they seriously need to be in a group with their kind.

Apart from, they love being together among themselves, they could also enjoy the presence of their different fish that are compatible with them, so little wonder why they make great community tank mates.

So, if you are seeking to know if Platies could comfortably live together with other types of fish, then yes, they could comfortably live with so many non-aggressive fish that are of the same size as them, such as goldfish, etc.

They love living in groups, but as I explained above, if the right living conditions are provided, then a single Platy fish could live all alone and still be very fine.

Can I keep A Single Platy?

Yes, platy could comfortably live alone if the right living condition is provided for it.

Although they love being in a group of their kind, and could still be okay staying with other good tank mates, the fact is, they can still live alone on their own.

No fish could survive in an environment that is not suitable for it, so if you want to keep only one platy, then you must have to make the tank very interesting and favorable to it.


Although Platies could live alone, it will be uninteresting seeing only one platy swim about in a tank all alone.

If you want to see how entertaining they are, then keep them in groups.