Can Seahorses And Guppies Live Together?

Can Seahorses And Guppies Live Together?

Can Seahorses and Guppies live together? Guppies are freshwater dwellers and could also tolerate some level of Brackish water. Also, Seahorses are Brackish or saltwater dwellers also, which brings about the question, can they really live together in a tank or pond?

No, Guppies and Seahorses are not a great combination and can’t be kept together. Guppies will stress the seahorses.

Guppies and Seahorses are not a great combination for so many reasons,

Can Seahorses And Guppies Live Together?

1) Guppies are more freshwater dwellers than Brackish water.

Although they could seem to be able to tolerate some level of salt, keeping them permanently in saltwater could be very harmful to their health, and so may limit or reduce their lifespan.

So, they can’t live permanently with seahorses.

2) Seahorses are slow-moving creatures:

They despise any atom of stress and aggression, so keeping them with a faster fish like the guppies will only end up getting them stressed.

Apart from getting stressed, your seahorse might starve to death because Guppies being faster could be grabbing their food, leaving them with absolutely nothing to eat, which could be a problem.

3) Seahorses could eat fish too, in fact, they could eat baby guppies.

So, they could become a huge threat to your guppy fry or eggs.

Although both animals could tolerate and live in the same type of environment because they have things in common like the exact ideal temperature, which is 78-80, pH which is 8.0-8.3, etc, but keeping them together is not advisable.

Although they Are both peaceful, the issue of food grabbing will put your seahorses at a great disadvantage.

The only way to keep both of them together is to divide the tank with a tank divider or find a special method of feeding the seahorses.


Seahorses and Guppies are not compatible and are not recommended to be kept together in one tank as the Seahorses will be at a great disadvantage.