Do Color Changing Lights Bother Fish?

Recently there are many types of aquarium lights on the market such as the color-changing types.

If you have seen such lights, you might be wondering if color-changing light could bother fish or if they are okay with such lights.

Color-changing aquarium lights could be very cool and beautiful to have but what are the health impact on your aquatic animals such as fish?

If you want to get one of those lights or you already have one, wait! don’t use it yet until you are through with this article.

Does Color Changing Light Bother Fish?

Fish only love natural lights and could be easily stressed by a color-changing light.

Fish are not very complicated creatures, they are very simple to understand and they will be alright once they are in their ideal environment.

Talking of fish’s ideal environment, light contributes a lot to it.

I have an article about the importance of light in fish tanks, link below.

Light is very important to all kinds of fish, although some fish such as the tropical freshwater fish could easily tolerate all manner of light than much marine fish.

So, color-changing light being able to bother fish will have a more negative impact on some marine fish than freshwater fish.

Despite that, fish, in general, don’t like unnatural lights, and color-changing light is very unnatural and will disturb both their eyes, frighten and stress them.

Again, to make matters worst, if the light is bright, it could stress and even kill your fish.

They will view the light as a very bright thunderstorm with many colors, which is totally not okay, so color-changing light, be it led light or any type of light is not recommendable to keep near your fish tank.

Do Fish Get Bothered By Led Lights?

So far, the Led light is the best light for fish and other aquarium animals.

Fish are not bothered by LED lights because it is very suitable for them unless the light is very Bright.

As I explained above, fish and other aquatic animals are very okay with any light that is natural to them.

When I say natural I mean a light that could replicate daylight or night in their tank and also a light that is not very bright nor very low but medium.

Although it depends on the type of fish, in general, all fish will be okay with medium bright light.

Fish need different kinds of light, which are dark blue (or purple) at night, and white or yellow during the day, so I recommend a LED light.

Led lights are far better than Incandescent lights or fluorescent lights because LED neither get hot nor disturb fish in any way unless it is very bright which you can adjust.

Again, it is long-lasting and does not consume a lot of electricity.

Does Blue Light Bother Fish?

Blue light does not bother fish at night but it could bother them if it is too bright or it is being used in the daytime.

Blue LED light or yellow light could be used in your fish tank at night, but the light must be a bit dark so that it doesn’t stress them and prevent them from sleeping.

A bright light could cause stress to your fish and will force them into hiding which is not good for their health.

So, dark or dim blue light is okay for your fish tank at night.

The only exception to this is if your fish are nocturnal, then I suggest you don’t make use of light of any type at night because it will bother them.


Color-changing light is very harmful to fish, so don’t use it in your fish tank.


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