Do Crayfish Destroy Plants?

Do Crayfish Destroy Plants

If you are new to keeping crayfish as a pet, you might be surprised to wake up one morning and find out that all the live plants in your aquarium have been destroyed. Many aquatic animals are known to destroy plants. In this article, I will talk about the possibility of crayfish destroying plants.

Do Crayfish destroy plants? Crayfish is a scavenger that is known to eat many things, including live plants. They could destroy any plant they come in contact with.

There are many diets a crayfish could eat, including plants, whether life or not, if it suits their taste, they will go for it.

Although it’s very good to add plants to aquariums whether it’s inhabited by crayfish or any other pet, in fact, I do advise it.

This is because the plants help to purify the water in many ways, such as sucking some nitrates, etc, and even supplying oxygen too.

So, it’s good to have them in a crayfish tank, but the only issue is, that Crayfish are fond of destroying any plant they could lay their hands on, this is why many aquarists stay away from plants when it comes to crayfish keeping.

Although crayfish will destroy any plant you put in their tank, another reason why I do advise getting non-toxic and poisonous plants in their tank is that they will supplement their diets and nutrition.

This is because plants and leaves are rich in vitamins and other minerals, which will help their body system.

Although I know it could be expensive getting those plants, only for them to be destroyed by Crayfish. Well, if you value your pets, then you will do it.

So to answer the question ‘ do crayfish destroy plants? Yes, crayfish will take down and eat any plant they could get close to.

Can I Keep Crayfish In Planted Aquarium?

Knowing that crayfish could destroy any plant they could lay their hands on, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to keep them in an aquarium that is planted.

Can I keep crayfish in a planted aquarium? You can keep crayfish in a planted aquarium, but they will destroy the plants.

Although you could keep them in a planted tank, it depends on the purpose of the plants anyway.

This is because crayfish are known to destroy plants by eating them, so if the plant is expendable to you, then go ahead and get some crayfish in it.

But if the plants are not expendable, mainly because they are expensive or scarce, then don’t dare keep crayfish in such tank or they will destroy them in a short while.

Can You Keep Live Plants With Crayfish?

Although you could keep live plants with crayfish, but they will eventually destroy and eat up the plants.

One of the crayfish’s favorite meals is live plants and leaves or should I say vegetables.

So, keeping any live plant with them is like asking them for a food party. Although you could do it if you could afford another plant.