Do Crayfish Eat Java Moss?

Do Crayfish Eat Java Moss

If you are looking forward to keeping any scavengers in your aquarium, I think crayfish is a good idea. Crayfish is an omnivore and would eat almost anything they could come close to, be it fish food, vegetables and fruits, and even other animals and plants. If you are reading this article, it means you want to know if crayfish could eat Java Moss. Your question will be answered in this article.

Do Crayfish eat Java Moss? Crayfish are omnivores and could eat anything they come in contact with, including plants like Java Moss.

Java moss is a plant popularly used in aquariums.

Crayfish are scavengers, that’s why many aquarists avoid getting them into a planted tank because they damage or destroy plants to the extreme.

The question here is, would they also eat and damage Java Moss plants too if kept with them?.

Yes, Java Moss is one of the different aquarium plants and would be easy to eat by crayfish.

The undeniable fact is, they love eating plants, especially those that are easier to eat, maybe because they are soft or taste great.

Do Crayfish Eat Java Moss

So, Java Moss is one of those aquarium plants, and crayfish love eating them.

Although they could eat them and loves doing so, but can they destroy these plants? well, am not sure of that, unless they are many in the tank eating at these plants.

This is because Java Moss plants are among those plants that are fast-growing.

At a normal growth rate, these plants could grow up to 1.5 inches a month, making them one of the fastest-growing aquarium plants.

So, at this growth rate, asking if just one crayfish could successfully eat them up is what I don’t think would happen, unless they are more than one in that tank.

So, crayfish do eat Java Moss when they come across it.

Will Crayfish Eat Java Fern?

Just like every other aquarium plant, crayfish will eat Java Fern too if they come across it.

One of the crayfish’s best diets or meals is green leaves and plants.

These plants and leaves are medicinal, maybe that’s why they eat them.

When I made mentioned crayfish eating plants, I mean live plants and not artificial plants.

So, crayfish could eat any aquarium plant they come across, be it Java Moss or Java Fern, including vegetables we eat, etc.


Crayfish will eat anything they could come across, be it plants or anything they could. But if you could afford more aquarium plants, it’s good for them as many of them are rich in minerals.