Do Crayfish Kill Molly Fish?

Do Crayfish Kill Molly Fish

In fish keeping, some animals are naturally not compatible with each other, and some are very comfortable with each other and so make good tank mates. Both Molly and crayfish are nice creatures to keep, but the problem is crayfish are extremely aggressive and could kill any animal they could. The question is will crayfish kill mollies or are they good tank mates?

Do Crayfish kill Molly? Adult crayfish will kill Molly fish when kept together. Crayfish will kill Molly when it is sleeping.

Crayfish are bottom dwellers and Molly fish are mid-water dwellers, normally, it is not recommended to keep any aggressive Aquatic animals that dwell at the bottom together.

Mollies are small fish but fast and beautiful to keep.

They dwell at the mid and not at the top or surface, making themselves an easy target for crayfish to pinch them at night.

Normally crayfish can’t match up to mollies in the daytime when they are still active, so their easiest chance to pinch them is when they sleep.

Crayfish are troublesome, territorial, and also nocturnal too, so they will always get mollies when kept together, so mollies and crayfish and not suitable tank mates.

Crayfish killing Molly might not mean direct killing, but getting wounded by the crayfish could make the fish sick and it might die as a result.

So crayfish kill Molly, so they are not compatible in any way and can live together.

Can Crayfish Eat Mollies?

do crayfish kill Molly?

Mollies are prone to crayfish killing them, but the issue is, can they eat them?

Can Crayfish eat Mollies? Crayfish are omnivores and would eat anything including animals and plants, so they will eat dead mollies.

Crayfish will kill Molly if they have the chance to, and after killing the fish, it will now eat it.

Are Crayfish Aggressive To Fish?

Crayfish are aggressive creatures, they are very aggressive and they don’t tolerate any other animal, including their kind.

They are aggressive to any animal around them, including fish, that’s why they could kill some fish due to their aggressive nature.