Do Damselfish Jump?

Do Damselfish Jump?

Fish jumping out of the tank is a great problem to many fish keepers and many fish because they sometimes end up dying when they jump out, that’s why many fish keepers will always want to know if the particular fish they want to buy could jump so that they could know if the fish is capable of escaping the tank so that the necessary precautions could be applied on time. Damselfish are one of the most beautiful and colorful saltwater fish, in this article, you will learn if they are jumpers or not, so read to the end.

Do Damselfish jump? Damselfish are not good at jumping and they could barely jump unless when it is very necessary.

All fish are different both in their behaviors and in every other thing but one thing all fish do in common is that they could jump.

Despite that all fish could jump, some are very active when it comes to leaping, some are not very active ( medium) and some are very inactive in jumping.

I know that as you are reading this, you might start wondering about maybe your fish that haven’t jumped before since you are keeping it, well, that’s why I said that some are very inactive in doing that, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t jump but they don’t usually do it unless in a rare occasion.

Damsels are among those categories of fish that are very inactive in jumping.

Although they can, but they don’t seem to like doing it and they hardly do it unless in an emergency mode.

What am trying to say is, unlike many other fish, these fish known as Damsels don’t just leap for no reason unless there is a reason for that, maybe when they are running from dangers, when they are traveling in the wild, when they want to grab food at the surface, etc.

They are safe while keeping them in a tank without a lid, but I don’t in any way recommend this because you never can tell what they might do next.

So, I always advise against keeping your tank without a lid.

Buy one and cover the tank to be 100% on the safe side.


Damsels are not jumpers and you have nothing to worry about of the fact, that your tank is well covered.