Do Firefish Burrow?

Do Firefish burrow?

Fire gobies popularly known as Firefish are nice and colorful saltwater fish. They are in the goby family but are always shy. They are peaceful fish that pair very well with their kind. One of the things many people complain about them is the fact that they are shy and are always hiding. Because of the way they disappear in tanks and reappear when it suits them, people often think that they could burrow and stay in substrates, the question is do they burrow? you will learn all about that and many more in this article.

Do Firefish burrow? Yes, they could burrow but they do it only when they can’t find anywhere to hide.

Fire Gobies are shy but they are active and playful fish when they are more than one in a tank.

Although many people don’t believe that these fish could dig, the fact is that they do and they do it as a last option when they can’t find anywhere to hide.

The fact is that they burrow, but they don’t enjoy doing it nor do they do it regularly, you can keep them till they age and die but they can’t dig only because they have caves, PVC pipes, and many more hiding places.

In the wild, they stay in rocks which is their habitat which also helps them to hide and stay away from predators.

So, if you are wondering if they could burrow, then the answer is yes, but you don’t need to see them do it hence you have to provide hiding places for them.

Do Firefish Bury Themselves?

Yes, they bury themselves to hide but they don’t do it when there are hiding places in their environment.

One of the mistakes many people make is to keep them in an empty tank with only water and sand, no! you don’t do that.

It is their nature to hide sometimes, especially when there is only one of its kind in a tank, so they will have to look for an alternative if they can’t find rocks and caves to stay in, and burying themselves is their next alternative.

Why Does My Firefish Hide?

Firefish hide because they are shy fish.

If you are planning to get this fish, then don’t expect to be seeing it always because they hide a lot and it is just their nature.

Although they could sometimes hide to stay away from aggression in the tank but it doesn’t mean that they hide many times because of it, no, it is just their nature to hide.


Firefish could burrow as a last alternative when they can’t find anywhere to hide and stay.