Do Mollies Poop A Lot? (Why Is Mine Pooping So Much?)

Do Mollies Poop A Lot

Having your own aquarium and fish in it could be a great source of joy and a source of stress for you too. Some aquarium animals could dirty the tank with their poops and pee, which will be a great task in keeping such tanks clean and safe. I have heard many people ask if Molly fish could poop a lot or not. In this article, you will learn all about that, and some related questions you might be willing to ask.

Do Mollies poop a lot? Yes, they will poop a lot if they are overfeeding.

The fact is, many fish and many other aquatic animals could poop so much that their water will be needing changing every day or 2 days, but some too are not dirty and don’t dirty water as such.

Generally, fish are very greedy when it comes to food unless that fish is not very healthy, and so, might ignore some foods, but apart from that, they will eat and continue to eat without limitations, unless there is no food around.

Overfeeding is very bad, and will cause many problems, such as constipation, and will also make them dirty their tank by pooping a lot.

According to nature, every living thing that eats must poop, and the quantity you eat will determine the quantity you poop.

So, therefore, to answer the question correctly.

Molly fish will poop a lot if they eat a lot of food. The quantity of food they take determines the quantity of poop they will release.

Apart from Molly fish, every other fish will release a lot of poop if they eat much food (overfeed).

Do Mollies Poop A Lot

Are Mollies Dirty Fish?

Molly fish are very nice and beautiful fish, but they are dirty because they will mess up your tank with lots of poop.

Yes, mollies are dirty fish because they do poop a lot, especially when they overfeed.

The funny fact is, all fish could be dirty too when there are a lot of foods because they will poop and leave some leftover foods which will decay and dirty the tank.

Do Mollies Produce A Lot Of Waste?

Yes, Molly fish produce a lot of waste, especially when they eat a lot of food.

They do produce a lot of waste, that’s why they normally dirty tanks.

What Should Molly Fish Poop Look Like?

Molly fish poop looks like the type of food they eat.

This means, it has no specific color, as the color solely depends on the type of meal they have, for instance, if the meal is yellow, the fish may likely release a yellow poop, and if the meal is brown, the same color of poop will be released, etc, so it depends on the food.

What Does A Normal Molly Fish Poop Look Like?

Although Molly fish Poop can be any color, depending on the type of food they eat, their normal poop should be solid and will drop to the bottom once it is released.

This is to say, a normal Molly fish poop should be thick and solid too.

How Much Does A Fish Poop A Day?

How much a fish will poop a day solely depends on the quantity of food it takes. If your fish is overfed, it will poop very often, and if it is fed in a normal quantity, it could poop once or twice a day.

So, it greatly depends on the quantity of food you give your fish.

Why Does My Fish Always Have Poop?

Your fish will poop regularly if you are overfeeding it.

As I explained above, every living thing will poop almost the same amount of food it takes, so, your fish always have poop because it eats a lot.

Why Is My Molly Poop Red?

Molly fish could produce red poop because of the type of food they ate.

As I mentioned above, if they eat red food, they will likely release poops that look like what they ate, and so on.

Do Mollies Eat Their Own Poop?

No, Mollies don’t eat their own poop.

No fish is known to eat their poop despite being scavengers.

The fact is, they eat anything that is okay with them, so they could only taste it and spit it out. So, they don’t eat their poop.