Do Mystery Snails Like Light?

Do Mystery Snails like Light?

Mystery Snails are aquarium Snails that are often kept in the aquarium because they are colorful, peaceful, and beautiful too.

There are many species of Mystery snails with their different colors and sizes, but one of the things they all share in common is, that they don’t seem active during the daytime, which led to the question, ” do they like a light at all?

In this article, we will answer the question.

Do Mystery Snails like light? Snails are nocturnal animals and don’t like being with light. They are more active at night than in the daytime.

All snails are the same when it comes to their preferences for light.

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Mystery snails and every other type of snails, both lands tend to hide or even sleep in the daytime because they don’t like light, and they do become active when it is dark because they love darkness.

If you have Mystery Snails or any other type of aquarium Snails, you will find out that they are more active at night or in a dark room, and they often hide whenever you switched on your aquarium light.

This is because they are believed to see more clearly at night than with light or daytime.

Again you will notice that they eat almost all their foods at night, including eating the algae in their tanks.

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So, Mystery snails don’t like light and don’t like staying with it, especially bright lights.

Although you can still put light for them if they’re staying with fish, but it shouldn’t be a bright light rather a dim light, or don’t leave the aquarium light always on because it will affect the activities of your Mystery snails, but might be beneficial to the fish.

Are Snails Sensitive To Light?

Snails are nocturnal animals and don’t do very well with light.

They are very sensitive to light, that’s why they normally hide or sleep during the daytime and come out at night.

Just like every other nocturnal animal, light could disturb a snail’s vision.

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Mystery snails are nocturnal, and they carry out their activities at night, that’s why you can hardly see them being a time in the daytime.


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