How Many Corydoras Should Be Kept In A 30 Gallon Tank

Corydoras In A 30 Gallon Tank

If you have a small fish tank like the 30 gallon tank, you might be wondering what kind of fish to keep in it. Well, may I suggest something for you? Have you thought about keeping corydoras in it?.

These are nice and beautiful fish to keep in an aquarium and they could make good pets and suitable habitats for this kind of tank.

Now you know how to make your 30 gallon fish tank useful, the question that might come to your mind is, how many of them should I keep?

Don’t worry, you will learn about that in a second.

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How many corydoras should I keep in a 30 gallon tank? Corycatfish is a schooling fish and so they love being in a group. Keeping 5-6 in a 30 gallon tank is okay.

Corydoras are very lively fish and social too.

They live in groups and are considered omnivores because they could eat both meat and plants.

Although there are many species of this type of fish with their different sizes, but on average, they could get to the size of 3 inches or a bit less, depending on the specie and some could grow above that too.

They are freshwater fish and some species are very sensitive to water and environment.

So how many of them could live in a 30 gallon tank and how comfortable could they be in such a small tank?

Well, this fish itself is small, depending on the particular specie.

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Although they love to play around and chase each other, but their small size made them to easily live comfortably in smaller tanks like the 30 gallon tank.

Although some people love to keep dozens of them in a small tank like the 20 or 30 gallon, but I don’t recommend that.

Every living thing should have enough room to move freely in it’s environment.

So when it comes to fish keeping, I don’t recommend keeping more than 6 of this fish in a 30 gallon tank, so that they could at least have enough space and be fine.

Although you might want to compliment their tank with small bottom dwellers that could be suitable mates for them such as snail’s etc which could also help with the cleaning.


If you’re looking for a perfect match for your 30 gallon tank, then corydoras is a great option, as you could be able to keep them in groups, and they will just be fine.