Tank Sizes For Different Number Of Angel Fish

Angel Fish Tank Sizes

Angelfish are very nice fish to have in your home aquarium, they are lively and schooling fish and so are very entertaining and fun to keep. But one thing about them is, although they love being in groups, but they are both territorial and aggressive to each other sometimes, especially when kept in small space. So in this article, we will explain how many of this fish could be able to live in a 75 gallon tank and some other tank sizes.

How many Angelfish could be kept in a 75 gallon tank? The maximum number of Angelfish that could comfortably live in a 75 gallon tank is 4-6, depending on their various sizes.

If you are very familiar with this type of fish, then you will agree with me that although they are of the same specie, but they can sometimes vary in sizes, depending on how each was raised.

So a full grown angelfish could grow between 5-8 inches in size.

That’s why the number you could keep in any tank varies too.

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Angelfish are territorial and aggressive too.

This means they’re antagonistic to each other, especially the males in terms of food sharing, territories and even mating too.

Although they are schooling fish, but when kept in captivity, then they definitely need a much bigger space that will contain them all and help contain their aggression and territorial tendency etc.

According to professional aquarists and general opinion pool, this type of fish doesn’t need a space less than 12 inches per fish, so they need between 12-15 inches per fish, depending on their individual sizes.

The number of this fish a 75 gallon tank could contain depends on their sizes, for instance, this type of tank should not contain above 4 of this fish that are up to 8 inches in size and it also should not contain more than 6 of this fish that are up to 5-6 inches in size, for them to feel comfortable and stay out of each other’s way.

So on average, a 75 gallon tank must not contain more than 6 Angelfish, or they will become very hostile to each other and might finally end up killing themselves.

The fact is, they are long term fish because they could stay up to 10 years or even more, depending on how they’re being taken care of.

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So if you want to keep them, then know that they are long term and will keep growing, so plan ahead of time and get a sustainable tank on the long run.

How Many Angelfish in a 25- 30 Gallon Tank?

As we explained above, this type of fish are not very gentle because they are both aggressive and territorial, so if you have a small tank like the 25 or 30 gallon, then you might be wondering how many of them you can be able to stock in them.

How many Angelfish should be kept in a 25 or 30 gallon tank? Each Angelfish needs a 12-15 inches tank to live comfortably, so a 25-30 gallon tank could only contain 2 Angelfish, depending on their sizes.

Angelfish is easy to take care of, only if you could provide for them what they need to be happy.

They need space, and also they need substrates and a replica of their natural. habitats, such as caves, gravels etc.

So do not over stock their tank so that they will still be comfortable and happy.

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A 30 gallon tank could only contain up to 2 adult Angelfish, so anything more than that is overstocking and bad for them.

Can I Keep One Angelfish In A 20 Gallon Tank?

Judging from their size and the kind of space they could occupy and how long they could live, you might be wondering if it is right to keep them or just one of them in a 20 gallon tank.

Can I keep one Angelfish in a 20 gallon tank? Yes, a 20 gallon tank is very perfect for an Angelfish on the long run, but once they are more than one, then a 20 gallon tank won’t be enough for them.

Although a 20 gallon tank is very perfect for a single Angelfish, but if you ask us, we won’t advise keeping a single Angelfish all year and all it’s life.

That will be a very boring and undesirable life for such a fish.

As we have explained above, they are schooling fish and so loves to live in groups, although they can sometimes get aggressive to each other.

Since they are schooling fish, keeping a single of them all alone is not recommended.

How Many Angelfish in a 55 Gallon Tank?

A 55 gallon tank is a kind of a reasonable tank to keep small number of Angelfish, since they love living in groups. If you want to purchase a 55 gallon tank for this fish or you already have it, then here are how many it’s capable of housing.

How many Angelfish should be in a 55 gallon tank? A 55 gallon tank should be able to comfortably house 4 adult Angelfish.

With a size tank of 55 gallon and both tall, it should be able to have 4 of this fish in it and they will still be very comfortable in it.

So if you are planning to keep a small number of this fish like 4, then this is the right tank size for you, as your fish will have enough space to stay out of each other’s way thereby curbing their level of aggression on each other.

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So with a 55 gallon tank, you can comfortably keep for adult Angelfish there and up to 15 juvenile Angelfish because they don’t display aggressive when they are still small, but do display it when they mature.

So a 55 gallon tank is the right size for keeping 4 Angelfish and comfortably too.

How Many Angelfish Can You Have In A 100 Gallon Tank?

A 100 gallon tank is like the right size of a tank for a medium fish keeper. Although there are some kinds of fish that needs far more than a 100 gallon to live in pairs, but when it comes to keeping a fish like the Angelfish, then a 100 gallon is like a medium size.

How many Angelfish can you keep in a 100 gallon tank? For Angelfish to live comfortably, they should not be more than 7 in a 100 gallon tank.

Judging by the maximum space a single of this fish could occupy, which is 15 gallon, then it’s not wise to keep more than 7 of them in a 100 gallon tank, depending on their immediate sizes also.

They live in groups and need enough territories too, so a 100 gallon tank should be able to contain 6-7 of them and if you want more, then you need more bigger tank.

How Many Angelfish Should Be In 120-125 Gallon Tank?

120-125 gallon tanks are kind of nice tank size to keep a group of this kind of fish. So if you have this tank size or you want to buy it for this type of fish, then here is is the number of Angelfish they could be able to contain.

How many Angelfish should be kept in a 120-125 gallon tank? A tank size of 120-125 will comfortably contain 6-9 adult Angelfish.

We all know that an angelfish needs 12-15 gallon to live comfortably, depending on the size of the particular fish, as some could grow up to 8 inches or a bit more in size.

So their tank space varies, and to be on the safe side, you should budget up to 15 gallon per fish, knowing that they could stay up to 10 years and will keep growing.

So based of the proper calculation using their maximum space which is 15 gallon, a 120 or 125 gallon should contain 8 of them.

How Many Angelfish In A 200 Gallon Tank?

A 200 liter tank is quiet a large tank and could contain some good number of Angelfish. So if you want to get this amount of tank and you want to know what it could contain, then we have the perfect answer for you.

How many Angelfish should be in a 200 liter tank? A 200 gallon tank will contain 12-14 full grown Angelfish.

Keeping this number of Angelfish is so cool and fantastic, as you might spend all your leisure hours watching them and enjoying their activities etc.

So if you want to get this kind of aquarium, then have it in mind that you shouldn’t add more than 14 of this fish in it, although it depends on the size of the fish etc, but to be on a safe side, 14 is perfect, so that they don’t take you by surprise by growing bigger than you to, thereby forcing you to buy more bigger tank.

Can I Add Another Angelfish To My Tank?

Let’s say you have some Angelfish already in your tank, and they are living comfortably, but there happens to be a space that could contain more of them in that tank, can I add more of them? Well this is one of the most popular questions by so many people and we will answer it.

Can I add another Angelfish to my tank? No, you can’t add new Angelfish to a tank that already has Angelfish because they’re territorial and will be hostile to the new fish.

If you are interested about fish keeping, this is one of the things you need to learn.

Don’t make a mistake of adding any fish that are territorial and aggressive one after the other, or you will end up starting a serious fight in your tank.

The simple truth is, fish like Angelfish don’t like seeing New comers because they see them as threats who would grab their territories and foods, so will attack the new fish.

That’s why it is highly recommended to buy your fish in bulk and get them in the tank the same time, so that they won’t start attacking one another.

So you can’t possibly keep a new fish in a tank that already has some of this fish.