Tank Sizes For Different Number Of Discus Fish( how many Discus should be in a 55 gallon tank?)

Tank Sizes For Different Number Of Discus Fish

A 55 gallon tank is not much of a big tank, as it could only contain a few fish, but if you already have one or planning to get one, according to what your budget could carry, then you could certainly keep some Discus fish in it. Discus is a colorful and beautiful fish, no wonder they are regarded as the king of aquarium. They could grow between 4-9 inches in size, depending on many conditions. Although they require a more active maintenance than some other fish. So if you are a fan of Discuss, you will be wondering how many of them you could be able to keep in a 55 gallon tank. All your questions will be answered in this article.

How many Discus should be kept in a 55 gallon tank? Naturally, Discus needs up to 10 gallons per fish, so a 55 gallon tank will contain about 4-5 Discus.

Although Discus are not considered one of the largest aquarium fish because they could get to only 4-9 inches in size, so they are medium sized aquarium fish.

But they are considered the king of aquarium because of their color and beautiful appearance etc.

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You might be wondering, if they are this small in size, then why do they need a huge tank of about 10 gallon per fish.

Well, Natural they need enough space because they are one of the most aggressive aquarium fish ever.

Being very aggressive in nature, they should have enough space in their habitats inorder to stem some percentage of their aggression.

This is due to the fact that being in smaller or uncomfortable habitat helps to amplify the aggression in all animals.

So Discus needs enough space in order to be comfortable in their tank and become less aggressive to each other and some of their tank mates too.

So if you have a 55 gallon tank or it’s what your budget could carry, then so not keep more than 5 in such a small tank, so that they will be very comfortable, happy and healthy.

Personally, I won’t recommend keeping up to 5, to me, 3-4 is perfect for this type of tank for them to feel totally free and move about comfortably. ( just my opinion)

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So if you feel like to buy more of them and keep, then you must definitely have to upgrade your tank by getting at least a 120 gallon tank.

Although the generally accepted number of Discus to keep in a 55 gallon tank is 3-5, that doesn’t mean you should not keep some other animals with them.

Find suitable smaller animals, for instance snails, which could help you to clean up their tank by eating algae, but keep few of them in order not to take more tank space.

How Many Gallons Of Tank Do 6 Discus Need?

Discus being not too large in size, but aggressive needs to be kept in a large tank. So if you have about 6 of them, your question would be, how much tank size do you need to keep them.

How many gallons is okay for 6 Discus? For 6 Discus fish to live comfortably, they need 60-65 gallon tank.

Normally, a single discus fish needs up to 10 gallons inorder to live happily and move about freely and be less aggressive.

So if you do the calculation, 6 Discus will be needing a 60 gallon tank.

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Yes, 60 gallon is okay for them, but personally, I would make the tank a little more wide by getting a 65 gallon or more, so that they could not only have enough space, but also have rooms for suitable and tiny tank mates etc.

What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Discus?

Maybe you have or you’re planning to get only 2 of this fish, and you want to know the possible size of a tank you could get for them.

What size tank do 2 Discus fish need? 2 Discus fish will live comfortably in a 20-25 gallon tank.

Although they are aggressive, but they don’t like living alone, but in large number or population.

So you can keep 2 of this fish, but generally, it’s recommended to keep them at least in a group of 4-6.

But if you want to keep only 2 of them, them, then get them a 25 gallon tank.


Like I always advise, our pets are our friends, so keep them comfortable and healthy.

Before you get your preferred number of Discus, first know the size of tank they need to be comfortable and healthy too.