Top Fin Filter Instructions: Open Or Closed?

Top Fin Filter Instructions

The Top fin filter is an integral part of the aquarium. It is very helpful in keeping the aquarium water clean. But the instructions of the Top fin filter can be problematic for many.

It has two options, open and closed. But which are the best Top fin filter instructions open or closed?

Well, both of these options are feasible. However, the cleaning mechanisms of open and closed top fin filters are different. The open filter cleans all the depths of the water. Whereas the closed filter operates at the bottom layer. But these different mechanisms do not hamper its performance. 

This is only the beginning. There are many more details about the open and closed Top fin filter operations. Please keep reading to know it all!

What Is The Best Top Fin Filter Instruction: Open Or Closed?

The Top fin filter can be kept in both ways. That means you can either keep the filter open or close it. It will work perfectly in both conditions.

Top fin internal filter 20 instructions can be confusing for many new users. The filter comes with a cover necessary for its functioning. Many people get confused with this cover whether to be left them open or keep closed.

The work of the filter is directly related to the cleanliness of the aquarium. And the health of the fish depends on this cleanliness. Thus this matter raises questions just like the safety of hose water

However top fin filter instructions pdf and other sources can clarify this issue. According to authentic sources, the Top Fin filter can work without any problems in both conditions. But there is variability in results based on the way it is kept.

Top Fin Filter Instructions

What Is The Main Function of the Top Fin Filter?

The main function of the Top fin filter is very simple. To understand the instructions it is important to know about its functions. The Top fin filter works to keep the aquarium clean. But why is it necessary instead of manual cleaning?

Because it saves a lot of time and is beneficial for the fish’s health. Without a filter, you will have to change the aquarium water regularly. That is a very lengthy process. There are also some risks related to it. 

Frequently taking the fish out of the tank is traumatic for them. You can break the aquarium in the process too. Overall, it is a very problematic work. And the Top Fin filter saves you from all these hassles.

It uses the method of mechanical filtration to keep the fish tank clean. The waste products and other particles are usually stuck in the filter. The owner will only have to clean the Top Fin filter after a certain period. It also helps in oxygen circulation. 

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The functioning of the filter depends on the open or closed condition. In both conditions, the filter will clean the water. But the type of filtering you will get is different. In the following sections, we will show the result of both of these conditions. 

Benefits of an Open Top Fin Filter

An Open Top Fin filter works differently than a closed Top fin filter. This difference is mainly seen in the operating area. That means the filtration location of the open Top fin filter varies more than the closed ones. 

The result is the same for all sizes of filters including the Top fin filter of 3 gallons. There are many layers of water in an aquarium. For the well-being of the fish, it is important to have enough water. And this water gets dirty in every layer. 

The density of all waste products is not the same. So they float at different heights of the water. When the Top fin filter is kept open, all the layers of the water are filtered simultaneously. That means all the waste products are caught in the net.

This keeps the water of the aquarium clean and safe for the fish. The oxygen circulation also gets increases and the fish become healthy. Next, we will show the results of keeping the Top fin filter closed. 

Benefits of A Closed Top Fin Filter 

You might think the filter will not work properly if it is kept close. But that is not true. And there is an absolute reason behind this. Let us discuss the top fin filter’s mechanism to clear up your confusion.

The closed Top fin filter only filters the bottom layer of the water. When the filter is kept closed, it can not filter all the depths at once. It only works on the lowest layer, which is just above the floor of the aquarium. 

But this will not cause any issues in keeping the tank clean. Many people will think that except for the bottom layer, the rest of the aquarium will be dirty. But that does not happen. Rather the entire tank is cleaned properly. Wondering how? Well, here is the reason. 

As mentioned earlier, there are waste products in almost every layer of the water. This happens due to the different densities of the waste particles. But as they are soaked in water, they start to get heavy. But why do they get heavy?

This happens due to the absorption of water by the particles. And once they are heavy, they do not stay at the same depth of water. Rather they fall to the floor of the aquarium. Sooner or later, all the particles will go down. 

And this is where the closed Top fin filter operates! As a result, the tank gets a thorough cleaning without much hassle. 

Top Fin Filter Instructions: What Should You Choose?

The brand value of Top fin filters is high. This is due to the outstanding performance of the filters. And they perform in both circumstances. If the filter didn’t work in open or closed conditions, the manufacturers wouldn’t provide the options.

Choosing the open or closed filter system is completely on you. You can keep the Top fin filter open for some time. Then after cleaning the filter, keep it closed. In this way, you would be able to observe its performance in these two conditions. 


How do I know if my Top fin filter is working? 

You can know if your Top filter is working or not by checking the water condition. Before setting up the filter, check your water carefully. Then set up the filter and check the water after some time. The water should be cleaner now. If it’s not cleaner, or dirtier, the filter isn’t working. 

Why is my top fin filter not working?

Your Top fin filter can stop working for various reasons. A loose connection is often the case. Also sometimes waste particles clog the filter. Then it stops working. A damaged impeller can also stop the filter from working. Last but not the least, irregular water flow causes problems too.

How long can fish survive without a filter?

A fish can survive without a filter for a very short period. It can live for a maximum of 7 days to a minimum of 3 days. The lifespan of the fish decreases without a filter. This happens because the water becomes toxic. The water must be changed frequently if there is no filter to save the fish. 


This is all on your query: top fin filter instructions open or closed. I hope that you have understood this topic properly. 

Clean the filter regularly to ensure its functioning. Or else the filter will not work and the aquarium water will become toxic.