What Do Starry Blennies Eat?

What do Starry Blennies eat?

Starry Blennies are very nice saltwater fish, they have a personality that many people like, including me. They are simple fish and keeping them is not hard nor complicated and that made them beginner-friendly fish. If you love them and want to keep one or a few of them in your saltwater tank, that means you must have to take proper care of them which includes feeding. No doubt, food is the most important thing every living thing needs and for you to take care of any fish, which Blennies are among, you need to discover what to feed them and when. In this article, you will learn all about the things Starry Blennies could eat and I suggest you read this article comprehensively.

What do Starry Blennies eat? Starry Blennies are omnivores and could eat vegetables, meat, pellets, and flakes.

An omnivore’s fish are those fish that are capable of eating anything they are presented with, they could eat both meat, vegetables, plants, and industrially manufactured fish foods.

This is to that that Starry Blennies could eat anything eatable.

Although they could eat anything other fish could eat, but naturally, they are more herbivores than carnivores, this means that they enjoy eating plants and vegetables more than they enjoy eating meat or flesh of other animals.

What Does Starry Blenny Eat?

If you are still wondering what they eat and what to feed yours, then here they are:

Brine Shrimps.






Mysis Shrimps.






Fluted pumpkin leaves.


Industrial fish foods like pellets, etc.

These are some of the things they could be fed with, although there are many more that they could eat.

The fact is that they could literally eat anything other fish and other aquatic animals could eat.

Although they eat anything other aquatic animals could eat, but their main area of concentration when it comes to food is algae.

They are strong algae eaters and could graze on them all day long and this made them great tank or aquarium cleaners because they graze anywhere they see algae, be it on the glass, on the caves, substrates, etc.

Being able to eat almost anything makes them beginner-friendly and inexpensive fish to keep because finding their food is not stressful as you can order them from any store around you or online and have them delivered, or you can just get some random foods and give them.

Although they concentrate more on plants which are algae and soft live plants in your aquarium, but you need to be giving them meat that is far more nutritious than algae or any random plants they might prefer.

Is Starry Blenny Reef Safe?

Starry Blennies are omnivores fish and they are reef safe.

These fish are more herbivores than carnivores, meaning that they live on plants and vegetables more than meat, although they are scavengers when it comes to food and could graze all day on algae.

They are reef safe, but the only issue they have is that they do graze on anything, including rocks and on anything at all that they could find algae on.

The fact is they are reef safe and they love being in reef tanks too.


These are some of the foods that they could eat, although there are many more, I suggest you give them more meat and industrial foods such as pellets because those are far more nutritious than algae or some of these plants they eat in the tank.

Again I suggest you feed them once or twice every day.