Why Are My Pearl Gouramis kissing?

Why are my Pearl Gouramis kissing?

Fishkeeping is very fun and entertaining because every specie of fish has its unique behaviors that are interesting to watch. Talking of interesting behaviors, have you seen Pearl Gouramis kiss before? Well, if you are new to fish keeping, you did be surprised to see them do this for the first time, and you might want to know why they do so.

Why are my Pearl Gouramis kissing? Pearl Gouramis will often lip-lock when establishing dominance or sometimes when courting each other.

Seeing them do this for the first time could be both weird and entertaining too.

Pearl Gouramis are not the aggressive type. They are peaceful and so, could live happily with so many aquatic animals, that’s why many people prefer to keep them in large numbers and community tanks.

Although there is a specie of Gourami that is known as the Kissing Gourami. They got their name from their mouth shape, but they are different from Pearl Gouramis that kiss each other.

They kiss by bumping their mouths together and then withdrawing.

They could kiss each other doesn’t mean they could lock their mouth together, No, they just bump their mouth together, then withdraw.

They might do this so many times before one of them could get tired and swim away.

The only reason they do this is to establish dominance in their tank or court.

If they are males, then they are establishing dominance, but if they are of the opposite sex, then they are courting.

Apart from lip kissing, they could sometimes kiss each other on the stomach.

Well, this is fun watching them do it.

Do Gouramis Kiss Each Other?

You might want to know if Gouramis could kiss themselves knowing that Pearl Gouramis could do that.

Yes, species of Gourami fish such as Pearl Gouramis and kissing Gouramis will sometimes kiss themselves and other fish around them by bumping their mouths on each other.

These Gouramis do this sometimes to establish dominance in their tanks, and again if they want to court. Sometimes they just do it just because it’s their nature.


Pearl Gouramis could kiss both themselves and other fish, so if you notice it, you have nothing to worry about because it’s just their nature and they will always display it from time to time.

Also keep them in groups, especially the females if you want to enjoy their company.