Why Is My Blenny Turning White? 2 reasons explained

Why is my Blenny fish turning white?

Blennies are very interesting and funny fish and could exhibit some unexpected behaviors that could get you perplexed. You will agree with me if you have seen your Blenny fish turn to another color, especially white. If yours turned white and you are confused, then read this article to the end to understand the reasons why this could happen.

Why is my Blenny turning white? It could turn white if it is infected by white spot parasites or it is just turning white willingly.

Although Blennies may not be that attractive in appearance, they are very colorful and has a lot of funny and interesting behaviors which they show from time to time.

If yours is having some white dots here and there on its body or it just changed to white or other colors, then here are the reasons for that.

1. Your Blenny is willingly altering its colors.

You might be surprised at this if you are hearing this for the first time, but yes, many fish could change their colors when they want and Blennies could do that too.

They could go for any color they like, including white and that’s a method they use to protect themselves from danger in the wild and they could exhibit it in your tank.

2. It could be suffering from white spot disease.

This disease could affect almost any fish, although many saltwater fish are resistant to it such as Blennies.

In the long run, if nothing is done about it, it could affect them.

This parasite gives them some white spots all over their body which will Ich or irritate them, that’s why you might see some fish pressing their bodies on any substances they see to scratch and relieve themselves of the Ich.

This parasite could cause stress for your fish which could finally lead to their death if nothing is done about it.


These are the reasons why Blenny or any other fish could be turning white.