Why Is My Crayfish So Weak? 5 reasons explained

Why Is My Crayfish So Weak

Have you been in a case where your pet crayfish seems so weak and helpless? if you have or had crayfish, then there is every chance that you have noticed this.

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you want to find answers to the reason why your crayfish is so weak and helpless.

There are so many reasons why a crayfish could be so weak and helpless such as when it’s Molting, food issues, etc.

In this article, you will learn all about this in detail.

Some common reasons why your crayfish is so weak.

1. It is sick:

One of the reasons why crayfish could get so dull, weak, and helpless is probably because it is sick.

There are So many diseases and factors causing those diseases in crayfish, so if your crayfish is behaving as if it could barely walk or have any atom of strength, then it might be sick.

Sometimes, a sick crayfish might flip upside down or stay in a place without moving but might be twisting its legs, etc.

We don’t give any form of medical advice here, so, do well to contact a vet for medical advice and treatment.

2. The crayfish is Molting or about to:

This is one of the reasons why a crayfish will feel weak and exhausted. This sometimes happens when they are Molting or about to do so.

The molting process requires a lot of strength and energy.

This is because, to shade off old or the former shell is not that easy to do, so when they are about to Molt or in the process, their behaviors will change.

You may notice that your crayfish are in one place and not moving, they will be dull and weak, even when they move too. They will stop eating.

Even when they Molt, they will still be very weak and vulnerable for a few days because the new shell is not strong enough to carry them.

So even when you eventually see your crayfish after Molting, it will still be very weak for a while because the new shell is weak.

3. Poor Water Parameters and Quality:

Poor water quality is one of the commonest causes of this type of behavior in crayfish.

This happens when there is a good amount of dangerous chemicals such as ammonia, nitrate, chlorine, etc in the tank and these chemicals are very harmful to crayfish.

Although Crayfish could be hardy, they could easily succumb to these chemicals if unchecked, and these could make them sick and weak or even kill them.

So it’s very important to have water testing kits so, that you could be able to always test your crayfish water and do a change of water once you notice a spike in any of these chemicals, especially ammonia.

Again put in place a heat that will keep the water temperature moderate, as cold water or temperature could be harmful to crayfish in the long run. So, get a heater for your pet crayfish and also a filter too.

It’s good to keep aquarium animals in a planted tank so that the plants could help by aerating and dissolving some of these chemicals.

4. Lack of enough Oxygen:

Did you know that lack of enough Oxygen could lead to depletion of energy and strength?

If your crayfish feels so weak and tired, you might have to check the level of oxygen in its tank.

Crayfish breathe underwater with the help of gills. They are bottom dwellers and could breath on land with the help of moisture.

So, If it could not breathe properly at the bottom of the water due to a lack of air and oxygen, then you will have to get an air pump and filter.

With an air pump, enough air and oxygen will be circulated at the bottom of the tank and your crayfish will be normal once again.

Change the water and measure the amount of water you pour into the tank. The water should not be more than 8 inches above them for oxygen to easily get to the bottom.

So lack of enough Oxygen will make your crayfish weak and might even kill them if not resolved very quickly.

5. Food Quality:

Food is very important for every living thing, but quality food matters a lot.

What you feed them matters a lot, as some foods will boost their performance while some will not, so feed them only quality foods.

A balanced diet is great and emphasizes more energy-giving foods, vitamins, and calcium.

Why is my crayfish so weak?

Why Is My Crayfish Soft?

Your crayfish is soft because it just molted newly and the new shell needs time and nutrients to harden.

Although crayfish Normally hide then they molten newly, if you happen to see them, they will be very weak and vulnerable because they lost a lot of strength during the Molting process and the new shell needs nutrition and energy to harden up too.

So, If your crayfish is soft and weak, improve its diet with iodine, calcium, and energy foods.

How Do You Know When A Crayfish Is Going To Molt?

As we have learned, Molt is one of the reasons crayfish will be weak and vulnerable, so how do you know when this is about to happen?

When crayfish is about to Molt, it will be weak, It will stop eating and will start burrowing or arranging rocks to hide.