Why Is My Gourami Glass Surfing? 7 Fish That Could Glass Surf

Why is my Gourami glass surfing?

Fish have many characteristics that sometimes might puzzle you with their new and unending characters. One of them is glass surfing. Glass surfing simply means, when a fish is constantly Swimming up and down the sides of the aquarium glass. There are many reasons why they do that. In this article, we will discuss why many types of fish may glass surf. So if you are a victim of this behavior, or you are very curious to know why different types of fish do this, then read this article to the end.

Why Is My Gourami Glass Surfing?

Gourami fish are freshwater fish, they do well in a tropical environment, and they are semi-aggressive.

They are interesting fish to keep because they are colorful, and just like other freshwater fish, they could exhibit some strange kinds of behaviors, such as glass Surfing.

There are many reasons they could be glass surfing, such as:

1. When they are new to a tank: Gouramis do this so often when they are new in the aquarium.

This is one of their numerous ways of learning and Becoming familiar with their new environment.

So, if yours is doing this because it is new to a tank, then it is very normal, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

2. They do this sometimes when someone approaches their tank.

This is very common with them, especially if they kind of know you, maybe because you normally come to give them food, so they might get used to it and start glass surfing at the location you are, thinking or hoping you are coming to give then their foods.

This is one of the reasons why fish are regarded as intelligent animals because they could seem to recognize people.

3. Another reason they could do this is when they are stressed.

Stress is one of the main killers of aquarium animals, which fish is inclusive.

Naturally, no animal likes to be stressed, and when they do, it could be very fatal to them.

So, a fish might change its behaviors due to stress, and one of the changes in behaviors is glass surfing.

There are so many things that could cause stress for fish, which are as follows, disturbances either from people, their fellow fish, or other aquarium animals in their tanks. Another thing that could cause stress for fish is toxins in the water such as ammonia, nitrates, chlorine, nitrites, salinity, etc.

All these chemicals could breed in a tank as a result of the following: uncycled tank, dirty water, etc.

So, stress is a big factor that contributes to this behavior.

4. Wrong Water Parameters: Every aquatic animal, including fish, has their specific water parameters, and when kept in unsuitable water parameters, it may tend to become abnormal and might start acting very strange, which might even lead to its death.

For Fish like Gouramis, their ideal water parameters are: pH should be between 6.8 and 7.8, alkalinity between 3° and 8° dkH (50 ppm to 140 ppm) and water temperature should remain between 75° and 80° F. If the aquarium is kept in rooms below 75°.

When a Gourami, either Dwarf Gourami or normal Gourami starts glass surfing, then you might want to check the water parameters to know if everything is good, and when all is not okay, then you might want to do a change of water.

Why Is My Fish Glass Surfing?

For the record, it is not only Gouramis that could glass surf, many other fish, especially freshwater fish could do this a lot, such as:

Betta Fish: They do this a lot when they are introduced to a new home or when their water is changed or also, when they are stressed and when they spot their feeder coming.

Betta fish is one of the fish that could commonly glass surf.

Kuhli Loach: It is not uncommon for this fish to Glass Surf.

Just like other fish that could glass surf, Kuhli Loach does glass surf when they are stressed, when they are introduced to a new environment, and also when they see somebody coming, especially, their feeder.

Dwarf Gourami: Dwarf Gourami, Honey Gourami, and Gourami, in general, are very fond of this behavior.

They often do this when they are not comfortable, when they are exploring the environment because they are new to it, or when they are stressed or they have seen food.

Cichlids: Cichlids could glass surf too when they are not comfortable due to wrong water parameters or water type, also, when they are stressed, and sometimes when they see their feeder coming or when they see their reflection on the tank glass.

Again, they often do this too, when they are overstocked.

Molly Fish: Mollies are another type of fish that could do this.

Just like other fish, they could also do this as a result of seeing their reflection on the glass, thinking it’s another fish, or they do this when they are stressed, when they are new to a tank, or when they are in the wrong water type with chemicals.

GoldFish: Just like so many fish out there, especially freshwater fish, Goldfish too could glass surf.

They do this when they see themselves on the glass ( their reflection) again they also do this when their tank is not suitable for them, either as a result of poor water quality, or the tank size is very tiny for them.

Also, they do this when they are new to a tank, and when they see someone coming, especially anybody that feeds them.

How To Stop Your Fish From Glass Surfing

Although it depends on the reasons why your fish may be glass Surfing. So, if they are doing it because of the chemicals that have built up in the water, then, you should do a change of water.

Change the water with treated water. Always Check your water once they start exhibiting this behavior, so get yourself a testing kit.

Find out the exact ideal temperature of your fish, and try to maintain their water temperature in line with their ideal temperature by providing them with heat, that’s if they are tropical fish.

A filter could be of help when it comes to cleaning your tank water, so get one for then, and you might want to introduce small animals like Snails that will deal with the leftover foods, which might rot and breed these harmful chemicals.

Also, know the type of tank mates they have in order for them not to be Stressed.