Why Is My Lionfish Swimming Upside-Down? 3 reasons explained

why is my Lionfish swimming upside-down? 3 reasons explained

Why is my lionfish swimming upside-down? This is the exact question you will ask if you notice that your Lionfish is behaving that way.

Surprisingly, many fish could hang upside-down and even swim that way, but the question is, what is wrong with them?

Lionfish are known to be very hardy because they don’t easily die nor suffer from some minor health issues many other fish suffer from, that’s why they are beginner-friendly fish.

You will agree with me that seeing your lovely fish swim this way could be sad and worrisome. In this article, you will learn why it may be behaving in such a manner.

Why Is My Lionfish Swimming Upside-Down?

There are many reasons why fish could swim upside down or flip themselves over, they are:

1. Fin Rot: Fin rot in fish is a deadly disease that is mainly caused by fin nipping by other fish.

We all know that lionfish are very aggressive and cannibalistic, which means that they prey on each other.

Normally, fish targets each other’s fins and tails when they fish and this could cause fin rot which will In return make the fish lose its swimming balance.

If your fish is swimming erratically or upside-down, you might have to check if the fins are intact.

2. Swim bladder problem: Swim’s bladder is an organ in fish that regulates their balance.

Sometimes this internal organ of theirs could develop fault, maybe as a result of diseases, toxins, or overfeeding.

When this organ develops issues, the fish will lose its balance and will be upside-down.

You will know if your fish have a Swim bladder issue if the swim bladder is bloated.

This is because, unlike much other fish that doesn’t know how to expel air from their organs, lionfish can expel air very nicely, so there is no how their swim bladder could bloat unless the Bladder itself is faulty.

If your fish is suffering from Swim bladder issues, I think you should get in contact with a Veterinarian doctor for possible medication.

3. Sometimes Lionfish could float upside-down all on their own for a few seconds.

If you are very familiar with these fish, you must have noticed that they could do this voluntarily.

When they do this, it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with them, they just do it sometimes and they don’t swim that way, they just flip themselves over for a few seconds and right themselves almost immediately.

This is nothing to worry about as it is very normal.


These are the common reasons why Lionfish could float or swim upside-down.

I advise you to get a Vet if things get complicated.


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