Why Is My Swordtail Fish Swimming Backwards?

Why is my swordtail swimming backwards?

Swordtail fish are very nice, lively, and less expensive fish to maintain in the home aquarium, they are great algae eaters and could be funny sometimes, that is why many people love keeping them. Talking of being funny, they exhibit some kinds of behaviors, which might get you amused and at the same time shocked. Such behaviors like swimming backward and very rapidly are very entertaining and interesting to watch, but you might be wondering why they do that.

Why is my Swordtail Fish swimming backward? Male swordtails swim backward as a strategy to attract or lure the females to themselves when they want to mate.

If you watch closely, you will notice that this act is only done by the males and not the females

So, they could only do this when they want to mate, and its purpose is to attract the attention of the females around.

Although many people, especially newbies will become shocked and worried when they noticed this, thinking that their fish is sick, no, they are just acting up, and you have nothing to worry about.

Swordtails are kind of shy fish, they don’t normally display this act where the light is on and some boys are around, but you might mistakenly see them do it if you are observant enough, and it is very cool.


If you have male and female swordtails, you should be expecting this, and you have nothing to worry about, as it is all normal.