12 Animals You Can Keep In A 75 Gallon Tank

Animals You Can Keep In A 75 Gallon Tank

Are you a complete newbie to fish keeping, or you want to upgrade your fish tank? You want to know the best medium sized room tank that could contain some of your animals, then I suggest you get a 75 gallon tank.

A 75 gallon tank is considered a medium room tank because it’s not very small and not very big, as it can contain some various number of aquatic animals, making it a nice choice for beginners and great for home aquarium.

The truth is, this type of tank could be quiet expensive, especially if you’re looking for the quality ones.

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So have it in mind that they ain’t very cheap.

In this article, we will talk about the type of aquarium animals that could be kept in this tank and also their numbers etc.

So if you’re new to aquarium or fish keeping or you want to upgrade your tank size to this, then there is every chance that you might be interested to know what exactly could be kept in this type of tank and the numbers it could contain.

If the above applies to you, then this article is definitely for you.

Animals You Can Keep In A 75 Gallon Tank

The type of animals and the numbers a 75 gallon tank could contain are:

Rainbow Sharks: Rainbow Shark is a freshwater fish that could be easily kept in a room aquarium.

They’re easy to care for, that’s why they’re good aquarium fish and they are kind of territorial, making it unfit for them to be housed with many animals.

Although they’re not very big, as they can only get to the total size of 6 inches.

Even though they are not that large, but they need a very big space to swim about in order to be healthy.

75 gallon tank pets

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So a 75 gallon tank is a bit ok for a single rainbow shark or a pair of Rainbow shark.

You might be surprised at how a small or 2 small fish as such could occupy a whole 75 gallon all alone.

Well, 75 gallon is only manageable to a pair of Rainbow sharks.

So don’t have more than 2 of this fish in such a medium tank, or they become too aggressive and unhealthy.

If you want to add more, then get up to 120 gallons or you can choose to compliment their 75 gallon with some random snails.

Turtles: Gallon Tank Requirements

If you’re looking for aquatic animals that could be great for a 75 gallon fish tank, then turtles should definitely be on your list if you’re a fan of Turtles.

A random turtle is quiet and good at swimming, although they could eat many of their tank mates, but getting them their suitable tank mates that could also fit comfortably in this size of tank is cool too.

On an average, a turtle could grow up to 12 inches, so they’re nice for this tank size and could be kept up to 8 with smaller suitable mates in a 75 gallon tank.

If you’re looking for suitable tank mates for some aquarium animals, then check our other articles.

Crustaceans: Gallon Tank Requirements

Crustaceans could be kept comfortably in this type of tank too.

Crustaceans are small aquatic animals like the crayfish, crabs, shrimps.

Although they don’t normally tolerate each other, but if you want to have any of them in this tank, then choose any of them, then keep them in a group of their own specie or type to avoid aggression.

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Although you may say that they are very small or tiny to occupy a tank of this size alone, the question is, what other animal can you complement them with?

Personally, it doesn’t make sense buying this huge tank and only end up keeping only crayfish or etc in it, unless I supplement them with some fish that are compatible with crustaceans or any other animal.

So crustaceans are nice for this type of fish tank, but if you only have a crustacean in mind, then I will advise you to get a more lower tank like 20 gallon.

Betta fish: Gallon Tank Requirements

This is a great option for this type of tank.

They are very fine fish and colorful and normally makes great beauty for room aquariums.

Although they are small and could only get to 4 inches in size, but they are very lively fish that loves to swim about in their tanks.

So they need enough space to do that, and a 75 gallon is very perfect for a group of Bettas to swim or move about comfortably and Peacefully.

You can keep up to 8 of this fish in a 75 gallon and also add snails to them or even other bottom dwellers, and they will still be ok.

So a 75 gallon is quiet great for some random smaller animals like the Bettas.

Frogs and Toads: Gallon Tank Requirements

Another perfect pet for a 75 gallon tank is either frogs or toads.

There are many species of these two animals and they vary in sizes, so if you’re a fan of these animals, I would advise you to choose a particular specie and stick to them.

For instance, if you want to keep a group of Africa dwarf frogs or bull frogs etc, then stick to each specie and keep them in a group.

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Then if you’re not entirely okay and there are still enough space in the tank, then look for their suitable tank mates and add them there too.

Cichlids: Gallon Tank Requirements

Cichlids are considered one of the most aggressive aquarium fish, especially the African and the American species.

They don’t have much suitable tank mates, and so if you are keeping them in a tank like this, then make sure you keep them alone in their groups, especially their females, as this tank might not contain the male because of their aggression.

They could only get to the size of 10 inches, and some species could go up to 15 inches.

So They’re quiet large, and a 75 gallon could only contain a group of 4-6 of them because they still need enough space to swim about and get out of each other’s way, especially the males.

Although they could still live with small animals like snails and it will acontain them all.

Snails: Gallon Tank Requirements

Snails are one of the smallest aquarium animals, and will fit in any size of tank.

Although they’re small, but few species are huge and does need a large space too that could be suitable for their body.

If you ask me, such large species like the apple snails and mystery snails should be kept in a big tank like the 75 gallon tank.

Although you can keep any size of snail you want, but I think you need to supplement them with other animals, because to me it’s a total waste of space keeping Nerite snails in a 75 gallon all alone.

Anyway it’s your choice, but if you want to add other animals to them, then check our other articles.

The fact is, 75 gallon is too big for snails, so you can keep dozens of them in such a tank.

Oscar fish: Gallon Tank Requirements

Oscars are considered one of the most aggressive fish that could be kept in the aquarium.

They could get to the size of 16 inches, making them quiet big in size and weight alot.

The fact is, they need enough space to swim about in order to be active and healthy, so keeping less than 4 in a 75 gallon, especially females is okay, as the males are very aggressive and such a tank might not contain them.

You can still compliment their tank with some bottom dwelling animals that they won’t eat, or better keep only them in the tank.

Seahorse: Gallon Tank Requirements

If you want to buy a 75 gallon or you already have one and you are thinking of what to keep in it, then seahorse is an option if you love and could care for them.

We all know that seahorse are huge animals, but there are some species that are still very small in size.

Such dwarf or Pygmy seahorse as the case may be are the perfect animals to be kept in a 75 gallon tank.

They need enough space to swim about, so keeping them in small number that is very suitable to your tank is the ideal for keeping them healthy and happy.

Also you could compliment them with other suitable animals that could fit nicely in the tank too.

Goldfish: Gallon Tank Requirements

These are colorful and beautiful aquarium fish that are normally used to beautify an aquarium at home.

They’re easy to care for and does very well with many tank mates because they’re very peaceful in nature.

They could grow up to 2-6 inches in captivity, but in the wild, they could grow up to 16 inches ( According to Livescience.com)

So the number of goldfish you could possibly keep in a 75 gallon tank greatly depends on their sizes.

If your goldfish is from the wild and is large, then you are not expected to keep. more than 2 of such in a tank like this, inorder for them to be totally comfortable.

Angelfish: Gallon Tank Requirements

Angelfish as the name portrays are fine fish to keep in the home aquarium.

They are peaceful and so have so many suitable tank mates you can keep with them.

They can get to the size of 10 inches, although there are other smaller species that could only grow up to 3 inches.

So you need to check you Angelfish size, then calculate and know how many you should be able to keep in a 75 gallon and they will still be very comfortable in it.

Also if you like, then you can compliment them with some other various suitable types of animals that could still fit in the tank too.

Neon Tetras: Gallon Tank Requirements

Neon Tetras are small beautiful fish that could only grow up to slightly 3 inches in size.

They are peaceful and are very perfect for so many tank sizes, including 75 gallon tank.

When keeping this type of fish in a tank as big as 75 gallon, then keep them in groups.

Keeping groups of Neons in a 75 gallon tank which comprises of about 70-73 fish is okay.

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They will be okay and healthy, also you can chose to keep some other small suitable animals with, and they will be just fine.

Tank Requirements

We all know that fishkeeping is not all about getting a tank and putting in some random aquatic animals in the tank and feeding them.

There are some requirements that the tank needs to be okay and habitable for any animal that lives in it. They are:

  • Heater
  • Filter
  • Air pump
  • Substrates/gravels/caves
  • Live plants
  • Water testing kits
  • floating plants/islands


These are some of the water animals that could be suitable for this size of the tank.

If you want to keep many more of them in the same tank, then go for a much bigger tank like the 220-gallon etc.

Avoid mixing unsuitable tank mates together all in the name of fish keeping and so try to take good care of them because they need it to be healthy and active.