4 Reasons Why African Dwarf Frog Could Get So Fat

Why African Dwarf Frog Could Get So Fat

Have you seen your pet African dwarf frog getting so fat recently and you wonder what is really happening? If you’re a victim of this, then you’re in the right source because this article will help you to understand why your African dwarf frog is getting so fat.

Why is my African dwarf frog so fat? Your African dwarf frog is so fat because it is either pregnant, bloated or has swallowed something.

African Dwarf Frogs are tiny frogs and are among the smallest species of frogs.

They can get really fat, but it’s a gradual process.

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But seeing them get fat overnight ( so fast ) is something that should be looked into urgently.

Frogs getting fat is not a bad thing or a thing to worry about.

After all, a healthy frog should be at least plumpy.

But if they get fat overnight, then you might probably have something to worry about.

4 Reasons why the African dwarf frogs got so fat.

1. It is pregnant:

Pregnancy is one of the things that could make a frog get fat so fast.

Sometimes, many people are not aware of their frog’s pregnancy and do get surprised when their frogs start getting very fat more quickly.

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African dwarf frogs are sexual, so if your frog starts getting fat so fast, then check if it is a male or a female.

If it’s a female, then there is every possibility that it’s pregnant, especially if they are two or more in the tank.

Know that the other frog might be a male etc.

So pregnancy can make an African dwarf frog get so fat in a matter of days

2. Over-feeding/Obesity:

Frogs could be over feed and that could make them get fat, at least in the meantime.

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Although it’s very necessary to feed them, overfeeding is bad and could cause them obesity.

Just know the quantity of food you give your African dwarf frogs, as too much food can cause obesity, which will in return shorten their lifespan.

So if your frog is getting fat unnecessarily, then you might have to check the quantity and type of food it is eating and know if you will have to reduce the quantity.

Don’t say it’s normal, because overfeeding can cause obesity which will in turn shorten their lifespan or even make them sick etc.

3. Your frog might have swallowed something big:

Do you know that frogs could actually eat anything that could fit in their mouth?

Sometimes it’s risky to put small gravel and concrete in your frog’s tank as a decoration.

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These small objects could in return hurt your pet frogs.

I have seen a case where a frog swallowed gravel and got bigger than it normally was.

Although it later killed him.

So if your African dwarf frog got so fat overnight, you might have to be sure if it has swallowed something, especially a stone etc.

When this happens, I think urgent attention from a vet is really needed before the animal dies.

4. It may be suffering from Dropsy Disease:

Bloat or dropsy disease is a deadly disease which affects frogs.

This disease normally makes them get very fat so fast by filling their body and vital organs with fluid.

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Although when this starts happening, the frog might still be active and will die after some time.

To know if it’s actually this disease that is making your African dwarf frog get fat, check if the legs and head are swelling up too, if they are, then it is definitely a Dropsy disease that’s making your frog swell up.

This will require the urgent attention of a veterinarian doctor, who will be able to provide the best solution and advice.

African Dwarf Frog with Fat Belly

Apart from getting fat on the body, there is a rare situation when the belly of your African dwarf frog gets so round, what might be the cause?

If the belly looks fat, round and lumpy and the frog is a female, then it is pregnant and is about to lay eggs. But if the belly is smooth and the frog seems to be behaving very strangely or slush, then it is suffering from Dropsy disease.

Male African dwarf frogs don’t usually get round and fat bellies because they can’t get pregnant and lay eggs.

but if they do, then something is definitely wrong with them which might require medical attention.

Is My African Dwarf Frog Too Fat?

There is every possibility that while reading this article, you might be wondering if your pet African Dwarf frog is too fat or just normal. Don’t worry, you will know how to check it in a second.

Is my African Dwarf Frog too fat? Normally, you should be able to barely see the pelvic bones through the skin on the frog’s back, but if you can’t see it at all, your African dwarf frog is too fat.

Now you have to know how to check if your frog is too fat it skinny.

So the question is, is your pet frog too fat or normal? It’s left for you to figure out.

How Long Can An African Dwarf Frog Live With Dropsy?

Dropsy is a disease that normally affects frogs of all type. It gets them to be very plumpy and sluggish. The question is, how long can such a frog be able to stay alive.

How long can African dwarf frog live with dropsy? Despite getting this sickness, African frogs could live up to 4-8 years.

When I said they could still live for years despite being infected with this disease, it all depends on how you take care of them.

Although there are many remedies out there on how to treat a Dropsy-infected frog, I would advise you to contact a veterinarian doctor.

They’re experts in animal health, so they will know exactly what to do, instead of you trying it on your own which could be very dangerous for your pets.

Although frogs can last longer if they’re taken care of but leaving them like that without any medicine is.

They would die in a matter of weeks or months if they contact with dropsy disease or bloat as we call it.


The above are the reasons your African dwarf frogs might be so fat.

Getting a vet will help and could avert any catastrophe, so get a vet when you notice any fault with your pets.