Do African Dwarf Frogs Eat Dead Fish? Which ones?

Do African Dwarf Frogs Eat Dead Fish

The African dwarf frog is a small frog of about 3 inches. They’re not very aggressive, no wonder they are suitable for many aquarium fish and other animals. Although they’re not aggressive, they’re scavengers who could eat everything, both meat and vegetables etc. Many people use them for cleaning up their fish tanks by allowing them to eat fish carcasses and other dead aquarium animals in the tank. The question is, do they really eat dead fish?

Do African dwarf frogs eat dead fish? Yes, African dwarf frogs are scavengers and would eat anything, including dead fish.

Although this specie of frogs is small and not aggressive, but they can eat alot of things, including rubbish.

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So it’s true, they can eat anything, including dead animals fish is included.

Can they be able to kill life and healthy fish? I highly doubt.

But they could eat them when they die or almost dead etc.

So many people do use these frogs to clean up their tank after some animals must have died in them by allowing them to eat the dead animals.

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But is this the right thing to do?

I don’t think so and I don’t honestly suggest doing such a thing.

Allowing them to eat dead fish is not hygienic, it’s disgusting.

Second, it’s not healthy because you are not sure what really killed the fish.

So allowing the frogs to eat them will only end up harming them.

Also, it’s not safe for other animals in the tank too.

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There is every possibility that the frogs won’t finish up the dead fish, thereby remaining a good amount of the fish in the tank, which will in turn make the tank unsafe.

We all know that dead animals do a lot of things to the tank water.

Dead animals could increase the level of nitrate and also water hardiness which will in turn harm every living thing in that tank.

For instance, ask yourself, if the African dwarf frogs can eat the fish flesh, what happens to the bones etc in the tank?

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They will rot and make the water unsafe by adding toxic chemicals to water.

Although African dwarf frogs could eat dead fish, but it’s not worth it.

Why risk the lives of other pets when you can just change the water and bring out the dead fish?

So it’s not a healthy activity and should be discouraged.

How Often Should You Feed African Dwarf Frogs?

Like I said earlier, African dwarf frogs are scavengers and would eat anything eatable, but that doesn’t mean you should allow them to eat dead animals like fish. So how often should they be fed and what should they be fed.

How often should you feed African dwarf frogs? On a normal routine, African dwarf frogs should be fed once in a day. But feeding them heavily 5-6 times a week is still good.

Being able to eat anything they could feed on doesn’t mean you should feed them anything you see.

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Just like other animals, they need good foods such as bloodworms, frozen – dried brine shrimp, tubifex worms etc.

If you prefer to feed them twice or thrice a day, then it’s up to you.

They will still be okay since you will not be over feeding them.

How Long Can African Dwarf Frogs Go Without Food?

Frogs can eat really well and heavily, but they can still endure empty stomach for a long time.

How long can African dwarf frogs go without food? African dwarf frogs can survive up to a week without food.

This specie of frog has the tendency to endure hunger for some days.

But it doesn’t make any sense leaving them to starve.

Leaving them to get hungry could only end up getting them starved and making them unhealthy or even make them to try to escape etc.

So therefore it doesn’t make any sense doing that.