4 Reasons Why Gourami Could Be Staying In One Place

Gouramis are very active fish, and they are considered to be fully aggressive, and some are semi-aggressive. They are mid to topwater dwellers, but they could go round the tank anytime they want and could disturb each other, and other fish too. Being a very active type of fish, if you suddenly happen to see yours staying in one place and being less active, then something is wrong with it. This article will help you to understand why your Gourami may be behaving like that and the possible solution.

Why is my Gourami staying in one place? Gouramis usually become less active and stay in one place when they are sick and when there are some harmful chemicals in the water.

Being a very active type of fish, and, all of a sudden stopped calls for concern and panic because something is wrong.

If you are very eager to know why yours might be acting in such a manner, then here are the most likely reasons for that:

1. Sickness: All animals are prone to sickness, and could get sick from time to time, depending on the kind of environment they are in and how they are being cared for.

Although Gouramis are hardy fish, they are prone to diseases, especially if they are not well cared for, and also if the environment is not safe.

There are other ways they could contact deadly diseases which include getting infected by already infected animals, etc.

When fish becomes sick, they will lack the appetite to eat, hence they will lack total strength, and their activities will reduce drastically, leading them to stay in one place and hardly move.

So, if your Gourami is staying in one place, especially laying at the bottom of the tank, then it is sick and you should get in contact with a Vet for treatment and advice.

2. Your fish may be Stressed: Many things could cause stress for fish which include aggressive tank mates, chemical build-up in the water, wrong water Parameters, an uncycled tank, etc.

Once a fish is stressed, its overall attitude will change, and it could make them less active and might even be hiding.

3. Poor water quality: Another factor that could make a Gourami fish become less active and start staying in one place is poor water quality.

Water quality matters so much for every aquatic animal because it is their life.

When the water reduces in quality, maybe as a result of chemical build-up such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc, or when the water gets very dirty and smelly, it will affect the fish so bad that it will deteriorate their health.

Poor water quality can cause many things for fish, and other aquatic animals, and if not properly tackled will lead to their death.

So, if you notice that your Gourami is keeping to only one spot and it is very inactive, then you might have to check your water quality and do at least a 50% change of water per day until every chemical in the water is 0.

So, get yourself a water testing kit to be able to test your water regularly.

4. Your fish might be dying or dead: Your fish may be dead, and that is why it is keeping only to one spot without moving.

A dead fish might stay at the bottom of the tank or float for a while, and then sink back to the bottom of the tank, so if your Gourami is seen at one particular spot without moving or showing any signs of being alive, then, you might want to poke it with an object or bring it out to know if it is still alive.


These are the possible reasons why your once active Gourami fish might be staying in one location or not moving at all.