Do Honey Gourami Jump? 3 Possible Reasons and Ways to Stop Them

Do Honey Gourami jump?

Honey Gouramis are part of the larger Gourami fish, they are colorful too, and can be very entertaining and active too, but one of the problems many aquarists have with them is, that they can jump, and might jump out of the tank and maybe get lost, or be eaten by either cat or dog. In This article, we will see whether they could jump and why, and also how to prevent them from doing that.

Do Honey Gourami jump? Honey Gourami might jump out of the tank if the environment is not suitable for it, or if it perceives any threat.

The fact is, all Gouramis, and all fish at large will jump out from their tanks for many reasons, which we will discuss later in this article.

Why Gouramis Might Jump

1. They will try to jump out of the tank when the water condition is not favorable to them.

Water quality and water parameters are very important for every animal that dwells in water.

The fact is, every amphibian animal has their specific water parameters, the ideal water parameters for Honey Gouramis are: A general hardness of around 6-13 dGH is recommended with a slightly lower pH range from 6.5–7.5. A temperature of 68-80°F.

When their ideal water parameters are maintained, they will be alright, and won’t have any need to escape their tank.

2. Stress/Bully: These are other reasons that could make these fish uncomfortable, and may warrant them to try to jump out of the tank.

Many animals are not compatible in any way and shouldn’t be kept together in the same tank, or there will be aggression and bullying in the tank.

Naturally, Gouramis don’t like being stressed, despite being aggressive, so they will certainly try to escape the tank once they are being bullied.

So If your Honey Gourami wants to jump out of the tank, then you might want to check the level of aggression there, and maybe relocate the aggressive ones to another tank or get a tank divider for them.

3. Sometimes fish do jump about, especially in the wild, where they have enough space, they might replicate it in your aquarium.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being bothered or there is anything wrong, it is in their nature to do that.

from jumping up and down, they might mistakenly jump out of the tank if it has no lid.

Jumping is a way to stretch themselves, and they often do this when they are playing about or chasing each other.

So, they could naturally do this for no reason at all.

How to Stop Honey Gouramis From Jumping Out Of Tank

Stoping them from escaping your tank is very easy.

Get a lid and cover your tank very well, so they won’t have an escape route to get out.

Make the tank very comfortable for them by making sure the water is always clean, and the temperature and pH are also normal.

Try as much as possible not to keep them with any aggressive animal that might frustrate them, and make them want to leave.

Again try to check the level of water in their tank, I might suggest limiting the level or quantity of water in their tank so that it won’t be easy for them to jump very high to the top of the tank to escape.

So, honey gouramis and Gouramis, in general, could jump, and if not checked, they will jump out of the tank, and these are the reasons they might do that.


Are Gouramis Jumpers?

Yes, they are great Jumpers, because they have the special ability to leap high in the air.

This is why they could easily jump out from any tank they feel is not suitable for them.

All Gouramis could do that, including honey Gouramis.

Do Honey Gouramis Need A Lid?

Yes, Honey Gouramis are great Jumpers and will need a lid on their tank to keep them from jumping out of the tank and getting lost or dying.


Honey Gouramis and every other Gourami and even other fish could jump if they want to, so to be on the safe side, cover their tanks with a lid.