Aqueon Heater Not Working: Reasons & Solutions Here

Aqueon Heater Not Working

Like humans and other animals, fish can not maintain their body temperature.

For this reason, we use aquarium heaters like Aqueon to balance the temperature of fish. But this becomes a problem when the heater has issues.

So, what to do if the Aqueon heater not working?

If your Aqueon heater isn’t working, you may want to check and replace the fuse. However, if that does not resolve, you may look at the control knob. Because those can have issues too. And finally, do not forget to check your power cord too. The power cord may lead to heater issues as well.

This is the answer that you needed. But you need to know about the solutions to get this resolved. And we’ve got all these here.

So, read along and get started!

Aqueon Heater Not Working

What to Do If My Aqueon Heater Does Not Work?

If you see your Aqueon heater not working, you will be worried. However, you can do nothing without being nervous. Rather, you have to take the necessary steps.

So, what to do if my Aqueon heater is not working? Well, we have got here what to do. Take a look for details.

Solution 1: Replace The Fuse

Most of the time, the problem with your heater may start with a bad fuse. Yes, it is a common issue with an appliance with a fuse.

If your fuse is terrible, you will understand it. See if the turned-on light is blinking or not. Your fuse is terrible if you see that the light does not light.

In that case, you need to replace your heater fuse. No, you can not fix the fuse without replacing it. So, you better go for the replacement without a second thought.

I hope this helps!

Solution 2: Fix the Control Knob.

At times, we may forget the simple things. You know you need to operate the control knob when you turn on your Aqueon heater. 
But if you fail to do so, you will see that your Aqueon heater does not work. So, to balance the temperature, whether to increase or decrease the temperature, you need that.

And if you forget the control knob, your heater will not work. So, fix your control knob if you see any issues with your heater.

Solution 3: Fix The Power Cord

You know, sometimes your heater may not have any issues. But the power cord may be bad. This can be a bit confusing, being similar to a bad fuse.

Because with a bad power cord, you would see the operating light does not turn on. However, if you replace a fuse after that, it will still not work.

And that is the time to understand it is not the fuse but the cord. So, you have to replace your power cord to resolve this issue.

Other than that, you may also face issues like internal problems with your heater. Sometimes, your aquarium heater could be broken too. 

And those are generally resolved by experts. If you have any issues like that, you’d better contact an expert. So, these are the solutions that you can take for your heater issues. 

What Are The Probable Causes Of A Bad Aqueon Heater?

You know, nothing happens without a reason. Just like that, your Aqueon heater may also have issues. So, what are the causes of a bad Aqueon heater?

Well, there could be a number of reasons behind this. Take a look to find out about them in detail.

Reason 1: Low Adaptability

You know that an Aqueon heater is used to balance the temperature of the water. However, these heaters do also need to adapt to the current temperature of the water.

That means before or while they are working, they go through the temperature. And sometimes, the heater fails to take the temperature, like when the aquarium is hot.

If the temperature of the water is too hot or too cold, it may cause issues. And with time, some heaters fail to operate properly due to this temperature change. 

As a result, your heater may have a problem and turn bad eventually.

Reason 2: Heater Turned on While Changing The Water

We often forget things. And sometimes, we may fail to remove the plug from the heater while changing the water. Yes, that is right!

We do not need to turn our heater while changing the aquarium water. In fact, it would harm the heater.

And due to this, the water turns blurry with time. In addition, you may also notice the food of fish unsunk there.

But some people tend to forget this, which results in something unexpected. Because if you keep your heater turned on at that time, it gets under pressure.

Due to this, your heater would have issues, resulting in a damaged one with time. So, this can be a reason for your bad Aqueon heater too.

And these 2 are the main reasons for your bad aquarium water heater.

Some Prevention And Important Tips for Your Heater

You know your heater would not just have operational issues without reason. And that mainly happens due to an absence of proper prevention. So, here we got some preventions for this.

  • Make sure you give your Aqueon heater proper breaks. That means you must not overuse it to the point that it starts heating up itself. This can cost your heater.
  • Always check your indicator. Because that is what signals what is going on with your heater. If it has any issues, the indicator would give signals.
  • Do not go for drastic changes or adjustments to the temperature. Give your heater the right time to balance the temperature of the water.
  • Keep your Aqueon heater clean all the time. You may think it is always clean as it is complementary to the gallon tank. But it actually gets dirt from the water. 
  • As an important tip for your heater, you must keep it out of any children’s reach. This can be problematic for both the person and the appliance too.

So, these are some preventions and tips you would want to count on. We hope these go well for you and you keep your heater fine!


How long can I use a gallon tank heater?

You can use a gallon tank or aquarium heater for a long time. This can go on for at least years. But do not forget that the lifetime of these heaters depends on you. Because if you can use them with a good hand, they can be really durable. On average, these workers work for at least 3 years.

Is it expensive to manage an aquarium heater?

Yes, it can be a bit costly to manage an aquarium heater. Because this appliance would consume electricity the whole time it is operating. And the price of these heaters is also significant. So, maintaining an aquarium heater is not that cheap.

Is it a must to have an aquarium heater for fish?

Well, yes, it is a must to have an aquarium heater for fish. Because you know that fish can not maintain the temperature of their bodies themselves. As a result, they tend to lose their lives very often. And that is why fish need to have a balanced temperature in their environment.

The Final Words

Now you know what to do if the Aqueon heater not working! And now you know the probable causes of this problem too.

All the best!