Thrive vs Easy Green: Which One Is Better Fertilizer?

Thrive vs Easy Green Fertilizer

Easy Green Or Nilcog Thrive: Wondering which fertilizer would be best suited to use with your aquatic plants and fish? 

Are you having trouble deciding between Thrive and Easy Green fertilizer?

Thrive is an excellent all-in-one fertilizer. It has all the water-soluble micro and macronutrients. It is a bit pricier and treats about 2500 gallons. On the other hand, Easy Green is cheaper and has a smaller option. It treats 5000 gallons at 500 ml. It works great to keep your aquatic plants and animals healthy.

If you are curious to know more, then rest assured we have got you covered. We have compared both fertilizers to help you choose one. 

Nevertheless, if you would like to pick a suitable fertilizer for your aquarium then keep reading!

Thrive vs Easy Green Fertilizer

Thrive vs Easy Green: Quick Comparison

You can choose fertilizers for your aquarium based on the various qualities they possess. They are essential when maintaining the water quality and aquarium environment. 

Like Tetra Safe Start, these fertilizers have their own effectiveness. The table below lists the key distinctions between the Thrive vs Easy Green fertilizers. 

DifferencesEasy GreenThrive
Fertilizer TypeLiquidLiquid
Dose1 pump per 10 gallons. One pump every week.1 pump per 5 gallons. One or two pumps every week.
Chemical CompoundsWater Soluble Nitrogen, Iron, Zinc, and Manganese.  Phosphate, Potash, Boron, etc.Water Soluble Nitrogen, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and Magnesium.  Phosphate, Potash, Boron, etc.

This provides a general understanding of how these fertilizers compare to one another.

Thrive vs Easy Green: Detailed Comparison

We’ll try to break down the distinct features of the Thrive and Easy Green fertilizers here. So, you can make a decision based on the convenience and effectiveness of these.

Fertilizer Type

Easy Green aquarium fertilizer is one of the easiest liquid fertilizers out there. This all-in-one fertilizer is one of the best sellers.

This is because of the ease of use that comes with having a liquid fertilizer bottle. In addition to that, it comes with a pump that can be operated with minimal effort.

Liquid fertilizer is an excellent choice for lots of aquatic plants. On the contrary, Thrive all-in-one liquid fertilizer is another liquid fertilizer type. It is a good composition of nutrients with less phosphate and nitrate level. 

The liquid formulas for Easy Green and Thrive are quite identical to one another. 

Winner: If it came down to picking one based on the fertilizer type, then it would be a tie. You will only need to pour any of these fertilizers into your tank.


It is important to maintain proper fertilizing in the aquarium. Easy Green and Thrive fertilizers have different dosages. It is used in different dosages for the same amount of water in a tank. 

Easy Green reviews are very positive when it comes to the simplicity of dosage. For Easy Green, you need to use 1 pump for a 10-gallon tank.

If you have a larger tank, for example, a 20-liter tank, then use 2 pumps. It is encouraged that you use one pump of Easy Green once per week. Easy Green can treat 5000 gallons with 500ml of fertilizer.

However, you will need to use more of the Thrive fertilizer in your tank. You should use 1 pump of Thrive fertilizer per 5 gallons. Use one or two pumps per week according to how much you need. Thrive can treat 2500 gallons with 500 ml of fertilizer.

Winner: Easy Green can treat double the amount of water compared to Thrive. So, better in terms of dosage.

Chemical Compounds and Their Impacts

Both Easy Green and Thrive are liquid fertilizers that provide similar micro and macronutrients. 

Easy Green has 2.66% water-soluble nitrogen. It also has water-soluble ingredients such as 0.7% Magnesium and 0.13% Iron. Utilizing Easy Green gives your aquarium plants all of the vital macronutrients that they require.

This is when you use it according to your tank size.

If you are wondering, “Does easy green increase nitrates?” Then the answer is yes.

However, nitrate concentrations that are too high are extremely hazardous to young fish. This can have a critical impact on their growth. You can decrease nitrate levels by changing the water

The Thrive fertilizer has a lower nitrate level compared to the Easy Green fertilizer. So, this can be better in terms of maintaining a healthy aquarium for the fish.

The liquid contains 0.020% Calcium, 0.54% Sulfur, 0.0080% Boron, 0.4200% iron, and 1.58% phosphate. Therefore, based on your aquarium, this works wonderfully for your aquatic plants.

This takes place by providing an abundance of macronutrients needed by your aquatic plants.

It works great when you have a few nano shrimp and fish living in an aquarium. You should consider using Thrive fertilizer to keep these in good health.

Winner: In terms of having safer ingredients in the fertilizer, Thrive fertilizer is the better option. The effectiveness of Thrive is not affected by any spike in nitrate concentrations.


Thrive and Easy Green are offered at a variety of price points. You can choose one based on how much money you want to spend on liquid fertilizers.

The cost of an Easy Green bottle is $6.99 USD. For this price, you will get a bottle that contains 4.05 ounces. The bigger bottle of Easy Green has 16.90 ounces. This would cost you $19.99 USD.

Therefore, purchasing a big bottle will provide you with good value for your money.

On the other hand, Thrive fertilizer is a bit on the pricier side. Also, you can only get the 19.90-ounce bottle of the Thrive fertilizer for around $27.99 USD.

Winner: When it comes to efficiency, Easy Green would be the better pick. This one is much cheaper and has a smaller bottle to try as well.

These items will help your aquarium maintain its pristine appearance at all times.


Both of these fertilizers are excellent choices. In all honesty, you can’t make a mistake with either one of them.

Easy green is more cost-effective and has a longer lifespan. As a liquid fertilizer, it possesses all of the necessary components.

Contrarily, Thrive makes an excellent fertilizer. Even if the price is higher, it will still provide the essential nutrients for your plants.


What Causes a Rise in Nitrate in the Aquarium?

Nitrate levels in aquariums rise as a result of debris mostly. This can also happen due to decomposing plant matter. Filthy filters are another big cause of this. Sometimes, overfeeding and overstocking can be the causes. The tap water that was used to fill the aquarium can also contain nitrate.

What Can I Do to Quickly Reduce Nitrate Levels in an Aquarium?

You can replace the existing water in your aquarium to lower the nitrate levels. To lower things to a safe level, you need the water tests to be 40 ppm. You should complete a 50% water exchange. Nitrifying bacteria continue to carry out their job. This happens when ammonia and nitrite stay at 0 ppm.

Can I Determine If the Nitrate Level in My Fish Tank Is High?

Yes, you can determine if the nitrate levels in your fish tank are high. You can use a nitrate test kit. It tests to see if the nitrate levels in your tank are within permissible bounds. Fish or pet retailers carry these kits that use a straightforward color-coding scheme to test nitrate.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope our piece helps pick the best fertilizer between Thrive vs Easy Green. You can pick one based on the details we provided.

Did you know that it takes at least a day for liquid fertilizers to start working? It can take longer depending on the temperature and the level of humidity.

Thank you for reading!